More Resources for a Deeply Formed Spiritual Life

Rachel Lingle

Slowing Down and Finding Faith

Drawing from her own journey of growing into her faith and vocation, Rachel Lingle (MSMFT ’17) practices empathy and presence as she sits with clients in the therapy room.

Eric Van Valin

A Holy Momentum

After moving to LA to work in television, Eric VanValin’s (MSMFT student) curiosity about the foster system sets him on an unexpected path to fatherhood, advocacy, and a new career.

Wilomer Villacort

Educational Embodiment

Wilmer G. Villacorta discusses underlying assumptions about teaching and learning, and explores how taking an embodied approach to classroom pedagogy—in person and online—can effectively meet students’ needs.

Tony Hale and Shannon Sigler

Tony Hale on Safe Spaces

Tony Hale shares about cultivating safe communities for artists of faith to explore creative expression and their own artistic callings.

Tony Hale and Shannon Sigler

Tony Hale on Identifying Emotions

Tony Hale discusses ways to navigate the struggles, anxieties, and fears often involved in the creative process.

Tony Hale and Shannon Sigler

Tony Hale on Mixed Light

Tony Hale reflects on creating art from places of both light and darkness, knowing God’s presence offers freedom and comfort through it all.

Tony Hale and Shannon Sigler

Tony Hale on Healthy Integration

Tony Hale reflects on the integration of spiritual and mental health and on the freedom found in openly owning one’s faith.

Tony Hale and Shannon Sigler

Tony Hale on Knowing Your Value

Tony Hale speaks about finding resiliency in both craft and faith by remembering who we are—and that our identities are not defined by our work.

Susan Maros

Call, Context, and Community, with Susan Maros

Susan Maros reflects on how we understand calling in light of our ongoing formation, the mission of God, and the need for community.

Matt Aughtry banner

A Pastor and a Filmmaker

Matthew Aughtry learns what it means to faithfully walk into two specific, lifelong callings.

Michaela O'Donnell Long

Vocation, with Michaela O’Donnell

Michaela O’Donnell explores our ideas of calling and vocation in our work and beyond—reflecting on discipleship, community, and the centrality of Christ.

Fuller Sermons

Here I Am | Jenn Graffius

Jenn Graffius, former director of chapel and staff spiritual formation, speaks about God’s commitment to be with us when we answer God’s life-disrupting calls.

farm in Michigan

Transplanted Faith

Ray Anderson, former senior professor of theology and ministry, reflects on how his upbringing on a farm prepared him for a life of faith

collage of Cedric Williams banner

A Legacy of Resilience

Integrating his multifaceted background and various identities, Cedric Williams finds a throughline of strength in the face of challenges

Kimberly Medendorp

The Keys to Restorative Justice

Kimberly Medendorp follows her passion for restorative justice in her role as principal of a charter high school in a Los Angeles detention center

Ines Franklin

A Beautiful Tension

After living life her way for 40 years, Ines Franklin found Christ—and a calling that had been there all along

Sonja Dawson

Sonja Dawson on Justice


Sonja Dawson, head pastor of New Mt. Calvary Church, shares about her experiences doing restorative justice work—both during her years as a prosecutor and during her present calling as a pastor.


Voices on Vocation

New Years Hero

FULLER dialogues: Leadership

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Christian Leaders Dave Evans and Gary Haugen reflect on discerning vocation, fear and uncertainty, and faithful leadership in a chaotic world


Slatoff City (Denise Klitsie) faith and work

Walking the Line