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Academy Award winning director Martin Scorsese discusses faith, suffering, and more after a screening of his film Silence with Fuller Seminary’s Kutter Callaway and Mako Fujimura.

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Pete Docter and Mark Labberton

Pete Docter on Soul

Pete Docter, writer, director, and chief creative officer of Pixar, shares the story behind his latest movie, Soul, and talks about its themes of purpose, beauty, and connection. Mark Labberton served as a faith advisor for the film. (This episode contains spoilers.)

Palm Springs Poster

Palm Springs

If you’ve got to be trapped in the same day for all eternity, you at least want to be able to lounge in an infinity pool, right?

50 First Dates Poster

50 First Dates

50 First Dates manages to say something novel about this “meaningless, meaningless life” we life we live, as time-loop movies make so abundantly clear.

Scott Derrickson

Scott Derrickson on Fear


Scott Derrickson, director and screenwriter of The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Doctor Strange, reflects on his journey as a filmmaker and the significance of reckoning with fear.

Bobette Buster

Bobette Buster on Story and Sound


Bobette Buster, writer and producer, who has consulted for Disney, Pixar, and Sony, among other major studios, discusses sound design in the film industry and the powerful role sound plays in storytelling.

Scott Derrickson

In the Room with Scott Derrickson

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Scott Derrickson, director and screenwriter of The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Doctor Strange, has a conversation about storytelling, the horror genre, and the creative process.

Paul Schrader Lecture

Rethinking Transcendental Style in Film

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Award-winning screenwriter and director Paul Schrader revisits “Transcendental Style in Film” with Robert K. Johnson, professor of theology and culture, and President Emeritus Richard Mouw.

Justin Chang, Paul Schrader, and Kutter Callaway discussing First Reformed

A Conversation with Paul Schrader on First Reformed

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Award-winning screenwriter and director Paul Schrader discusses faith and trauma with Kutter Callaway, assistant professor of theology and culture, and LA Times film critic Justin Chang.

Paul Schrader Teaser

Conversations with Paul Schrader

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Award-winning director Paul Schrader reflects with a community of scholars on film and spirituality, transcendental style, and more.

Tony Hale

Tony Hale on the Creative Life and Process


Tony Hale, Emmy Award-winning actor, chats about his career in the entertainment industry and how the creative process shapes his understanding of humanity and identity.

A Conversation on Faith and Film | Martin Scorsese


Academy Award Winning Director Martin Scorsese reflects on “Silence” and religious influences on his films.

A Conversation On A Ghost Story

A Conversation On A Ghost Story


David Lowery talks with us about his film A Ghost Story.

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TV and Theology

Matthew Aughtry

ArtVentures | Matthew Aughtry

Martin Scorsese with Kutter Callaway and Mako Fujimura

A Conversation with Martin Scorsese on Faith and Film


Martin Scorsese joined us for a conversation on his faith and on his film Silence.

Filmmaker Eliot Rausch at Fuller Seminary

An Evening With Eliot Rausch

Knight of Cups (image)

Searching for Meaning in Knight of Cups: A Conversation with Michael Wright


A new Terrence Malick film is an event, though one that invited conversation rather than critique.

Over the Garden Wall

Over the Garden Wall and On a Sacred Journey Into the Unknown

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Taken as a whole Over The Garden Wall is a kind of modern day fairy tale, and understanding its deeper meaning starts with an essential interpretive lens: the setting of the Unknown. Both capitalized and set apart with an article, these woods are an manifestation of a timeless and liminal place.

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Sundance Film Festival

Voices on Faith & Film


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