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A whirlwind occurs at the intersection of two weather masses of differing temperature and direction that spin into a brief but powerful force. The Conversing icon, above, is inspired by a painting by Fuller Seminary President Emeritus Mark Labberton, and is meant to evoke both the power of conversation and the turbulence of our times. As ambassador of Fuller, Labberton takes the occasion of his travels to speak with a broad spectrum of leaders on issues at the intersection of theology and culture.

Conversing, episode on Political Civility with Richard Mouw and Mark Labberton

As ambassador of Fuller, Labberton takes the occasion of his travels to speak with a broad spectrum of leaders on issues at the intersection of theology and culture.

conversing logo

As ambassador of Fuller, Labberton takes the occasion of his travels to speak with a broad spectrum of leaders on issues at the intersection of theology and culture.

Conversing, episode on Political Civility with Richard Mouw and Mark Labberton
Latest Episode
Nikki Toyama-Szeto

Christian Social Action, with Nikki Toyama-Szeto

Nikki Toyama-Szeto shares about her work leading Christians for Social Action, the organization’s commitment to cultivating faithful engagement with issues of justice, and her experience as a Japanese American woman in leadership.

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Latest Episode
Nikki Toyama-Szeto

Christian Social Action, with Nikki Toyama-Szeto

Nikki Toyama-Szeto shares about her work leading Christians for Social Action, the organization’s commitment to cultivating faithful engagement with issues of justice, and her experience as a Japanese American woman in leadership.

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Tim Alberta

Evangelicalism and Extremism, with Tim Alberta

Tim Alberta takes a deep dive into the contemporary state of American Evangelicalism in a time of extremism.

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Caleb Maskell

The Legacy of the Vineyard Movement, with Caleb Maskell

Caleb Maskell discusses the beginnings of Vineyard USA, which is celebrating its 50th year, and the hopeful future ahead.

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Pam King

On Thriving, with Pamela Ebstyne King

Pamela Ebstyne King discusses her research and work on the topic of thriving, as well as her new podcast, With & For

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Andrew Hanauer

Against Toxic Polarization, with Andrew Hanauer

Andrew Hanauer describes the work of bridging the deep divides in American politics, the church, and faith communities more broadly.

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Stephen Newby

The Transformative Power of Gospel Music, with Stephen Newby

Stephen Newby reflects on the ability of Gospel music to invite all people in and what that means for today’s world and church.

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Jemar Tisby

Race and the Evangelical Church, with Jemar Tisby

Jemar Tisby reflects on Tom Skinner’s impactful speech “Racism and World Evangelism,” delivered at the 1970 Urbana Missions Conference, and considers the ways it resonates with the reality of the American church today.

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Luann Pannell

Formation and Resiliency in Law Enforcement, with Luann Pannell

Luann Pannell discusses mental health and training in law enforcement and shares about her two decades of work with the Los Angeles Police Department.

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Ben McBride

The Urgent Work of Radical Belonging, with Ben McBride

Ben McBride talks with Mark about his new book, Troubling the Water: The Urgent Work of Radical Belonging, which outlines his journey and work in the “kill zone” in Oakland, CA.

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The Rhythms of Church Life, with Chris Henry

Chris Henry talks about the importance of rhythm in the church year and about leadership in a post-pandemic world.

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David Brenner

Artificial Intelligence and Faith, with David Brenner

David Brenner describes the mission of the organization AI and Faith, which works to direct artificial intelligence research and technology towards human flourishing, with an eye towards ethics and a grounding in multiple faith traditions.

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Phil Chin and Mark Labberton

Developing Artificial Intelligence, with Phil Chen

Phil Chen talks about the development of AI and the ethics of sourcing material for large language models like ChatGPT.

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Guy Kawasaki

Artificial Intelligence, Humanity, and Morality, with Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki discusses some of the possible positive impacts of artificial intelligence for creativity, productivity, and society at large.

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Mark Graves

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics, with Mark Graves

Mark Graves discusses the intersections of AI, technology, ethics, faith, and philosophy.

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Rick Warren, Mark Labberton, and the Conversing logo

A Life of Ministry, with Rick Warren

Rick Warren shares about his many years of ministry—from the beginnings of Saddleback Church to his current work of participating in the Great Commission—and about what he’s learned of leadership, church, and God along the way.

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Cherie Harder and Mark Labberton

Thinking Well and Leading Wisely, with Cherie Harder

Cherie Harder discusses the state of political discourse in the United States and the task of helping leaders to more effectively cultivate ideas and Christian thought amidst today’s wider conversations.

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Daniel Whitehead

Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Church, with Daniel Whitehead

Daniel Whitehead describes the work of integrating mental health services into the community offerings of the church, sharing particularly about the efforts of Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries.

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Jeanelle Austin

The Fight for Racial Justice, with Jeanelle Austin

Jeanelle Austin discusses her work at the George Floyd Global Memorial and her push for “people over property” in both preservation and activism.

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Tara Beth Leach

Women in Church Leadership, with Tara Beth Leach

Tara Beth Leach talks about her experiences as a woman in ministry and her new role as senior pastor of Good Shepherd Church in Naperville, Illinois.

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Beth Moore

Finding Hope after Abuse, with Beth Moore

Beth Moore shares her story of childhood abuse and about finding refuge in the Scriptures, the church, and the love of Jesus.

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Jonathan Reckford

Affordable Housing, with Jonathan Reckford

Jonathan Reckford discusses the mission and history of Habitat For Humanity and the state of the housing crisis in the United States and abroad.

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Robert Chao Romero Jeff Liou

Critical Race Theory and the Church, with Robert Chao Romero and Jeff Liou

Robert Chao Romero and Jeff Liou discuss critical race theory, how it relates to their personal experiences and faith, and what it means for the church in the United States.

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Justin McRoberts

Work and Rest, with Justin McRoberts

Justin McRoberts talks about his upcoming book, Sacred Strides, and the balance of work and rest in life and faith.

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Scott Dudley and Mark Labberton

Baptism and the Evolving Work of the Church, with Scott Dudley

Scott Dudley shares about 139 baptisms on a recent Sunday at Bellevue Presbyterian Church, and about the church’s spiritual and social work in the city of Bellevue and abroad.

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Mark Labberton and Dante Stewart and the Conversing Logo

Black Life and Legacy, with Danté Stewart

Danté Stewart shares about his family’s visit to The Legacy Museum in Montgomery, Alabama, and about the sacred experience of knowing the whole story of Black life in the United States.

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David Emmanuel Goatley

Living the Gospel, with David Emmanuel Goatley

As he begins his role as Fuller’s new president, David Emmanuel Goatley shares about his own Christian formation, the apostolic mission of the church, and the task of theological education in the world today.

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Becky Pippert

The Beauty of the Gospel, with Becky Pippert

Becky Pippert reflects on her own journey of faith, on the loving ways Jesus draws people to himself, and on how we might share the Good News of God’s love with others.

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Elijah Davidson

The Greatest Films of All Time, with Elijah Davidson

Elijah Davidson explores the movement of God’s Spirit throughout cinematic history—in and through the world’s greatest films and the work of filmmaking itself.

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Susan Maros

Call, Context, and Community, with Susan Maros

Susan Maros reflects on how we understand calling in light of our ongoing formation, the mission of God, and the need for community.

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Andrew Steer

Healing the Natural World, with Andrew Steer

Andrew Steer talks about working against environmental damage and climate change and about caring for God’s creation as a form of discipleship.

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Thema Bryant

Learning to Thrive, with Thema Bryant

Thema Bryant discusses her journey of becoming a psychologist and reflects on topics of trauma, thriving, mental health, and race, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Mark Noll

The Bible and American History, with Mark Noll

Mark Noll discusses his newest book, which explores the reciprocal relationship between notable historical events in the United States and the interpretation of scripture during the 19th and 20th centuries.

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Gary Haugen

A Just God, with Gary Haugen

Gary Haugen discusses the origins and organizational focus of International Justice Mission and reflects on the intersection between Christian faith and global justice. 

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Hunter Farrell

The Meaning of Mission, with Hunter Farrell

Hunter Farrell examines the impact of capitalism and colonization on congregational mission efforts and invites us to practice radical mutuality as we redefine the meaning of mission.

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Charlie Dates

A Continued Tradition, with Charlie Dates

Charlie Dates reflects on how the Black preaching tradition has shaped him into the preacher he is today, as well as how to practice faithful discernment about one’s pastoral calling.

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Caleb Maskell

Listening to the Spirit, with Caleb Maskell

Caleb Maskell shares about his personal faith journey and traces the history of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements in the 20th century.

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Bethany Fox

Disability and the Church, with Bethany McKinney Fox

Bethany McKinney Fox talks about how our understanding of disability shapes our understanding of healing, of community, and of how we do church.

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Otis Moss III

Legacies of Faith, with Otis Moss III

Otis Moss III speaks about how his family legacy and other legacies of faith have shaped his theology and ministry, and about the critical questions facing the church today.

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Francis Collins

Faith, Science, and Public Health, with Francis Collins

Francis Collins discusses his experience at the intersections of faith, science, politics, government, and public health—talking also about the COVID-19 pandemic and other areas of research.

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Shane Claiborne

A Jesus-Centered Faith, with Shane Claiborne

Shane Claiborne reflects on what it looks like to follow Jesus in the United States today—discussing policies and issues of gun violence, racial justice, and the death penalty.

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Jim Wallis

Faith and Justice, with Jim Wallis

Jim Wallis shares about his journey of following Jesus and discusses the sin of voter suppression, racism as idolatry, and the ways our theology should recalibrate our sociology.

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Kathy Khang

Speaking Up, with Kathy Khang

Kathy Khang reflects on Asian American experiences of silencing, on what it means to be heard and belong, and on anti-Asian racism during the pandemic.

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Todd Shy

Teaching and Learning, with Todd Shy

Todd Shy discusses the encounter between teachers and students, cultivating a classroom community and culture, and the power of passion in teaching.

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Anthea Butler

Evangelicalism and Race, with Anthea Butler

Anthea Butler discusses the history of US evangelicalism, looking particularly at the ways oppressive and racist structures have taken hold within and through it.

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Steve Norman

The Preacher’s Life, with Steve Norman

Steve Norman talks about the importance of a preacher’s formation and the way their life and character can speak more loudly than the sermons they preach.

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Kara Powell and Brad Griffin

Teenagers’ Big Questions, with Kara Powell and Brad Griffin

Kara Powell and Brad Griffin discuss what it looks like to engage empathetically with today’s teenagers as they grapple with questions of identity, belonging, and purpose.

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Michaela O'Donnell Long

Vocation, with Michaela O’Donnell

Michaela O’Donnell explores our ideas of calling and vocation in our work and beyond—reflecting on discipleship, community, and the centrality of Christ.

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Curt Thompson

Longing, Beauty, and Imagination, with Curt Thompson

Curt Thompson, through lenses of neuroscience and spiritual formation, explores how we engage with our longings, create redemptive beauty, and imagine new futures.

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Lorne Buchman

Creativity and Uncertainty, with Lorne Buchman

Lorne Buchman discusses how the creative process can become a way of knowing—through improvisation, discovery, and engagement in a space of uncertainty.

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Larry Coulter

The Church in the City, with Larry Coulter

Larry Coulter shares about how churches and local organizations can come together to lovingly serve their cities, and how this essential collaborative work can be forged across differences.

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Kat Armas

Abuelita Faith, with Kat Armas

Kat Armas speaks about the profound wisdom and lived theologies of the women who have come before us—in our families, in history, and in the Bible.

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Janette Ok

Christian Identity as Ethnic Identity, with Janette Ok

Janette Ok delves into 1 Peter, reflecting on what it teaches about the formation of Christian identity and its features of belonging, holiness, and unity.

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Shannon Sigler

Worship and the Arts, with Shannon Sigler

Shannon Sigler explores the church’s engagement with culture and the integration of worship and the arts, while reflecting on the history and future of Fuller’s Brehm Center.

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Justin Giboney

The Gospel in a Polarized World, with Justin Giboney

Justin Giboney speaks about navigating our polarized society not with an either/or mentality but a both/and approach that frames our decisions in the gospel rather than political ideologies.

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Bill Pannell

Race and the Evangelical Church, with Bill Pannell

Dr. Bill Pannell reflects on the American church’s engagement with race, the future of theological education, and the transformative power of the gospel.

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Soong-Chan Rah

Reimagining the Church, with Soong-Chan Rah

Soong-Chan Rah reflects on the warped theologies that have shaped the American church throughout history and hopes for a new, anointed Christian imagination in the 21st century.

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Willie Jennings and Mark Labberton talk about race on Conversing podcast

Rethinking the Academy, with Willie Jennings

Willie Jennings hopes for a reframed understanding of education that sheds destructive virtues of achievement and mastery for values of belonging and community.

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Mako Fujimura

Art and Faith, with Makoto Fujimura

Makoto Fujimura talks about a theology of new creation and reflects on the sanctifying, healing power that comes through the process of making.

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Jemar Tisby

Fighting Racism, with Jemar Tisby

Jemar Tisby walks through three crucial steps in confronting racial injustice: awareness of one’s racial identity, relationships based on mutuality, and commitment to tangible action.

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Jeanelle Austin shares about her experience as lead caretaker at the George Floyd memorial and explains the power of community in the pursuit of liberation and racial justice.

Righteous Protest and Public Grief, with Jeanelle Austin

Jeanelle Austin shares about her experience as lead caretaker at the George Floyd memorial and explains the power of community in the pursuit of liberation and racial justice.

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Lynsi Snyder-Ellingson

Lynsi Snyder-Ellingson on Freedom in God

Lynsi Snyder-Ellingson talks about how God offers healing and renewal, sets us free from fear, and calls us to love.

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Erin Dufault-Hunter

Erin Dufault-Hunter on Bioethics

Erin Dufault-Hunter, associate professor of Christian ethics, discusses the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine rollouts, considering questions of ethics, broken systems, and neighborly love.

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Matthew Kaeminck and Mark Labberton

Matthew Kaemingk on Work

Matthew Kaemingk talks about cultivating a theology that does not separate worship from work but instead reframes our work in Christian mission and practice.

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Rob Bell

Rob Bell on Spirituality and Mystery

Rob Bell, author of Everything is Spiritual and other notable bestsellers, shares about his continuous exploration of spirituality and about embracing the ongoing journey of knowing God more deeply.

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Alexis Abernethy on Racial Battle Fatigue

Alexis Abernethy on Racial Battle Fatigue

Alexis Abernethy discusses the long, multifaceted work of combating racial injustice, the fatigue that comes with it, and the importance of healing along the way.

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Pete Docter and Mark Labberton

Pete Docter on Soul

Pete Docter, writer, director, and chief creative officer of Pixar, shares the story behind his latest movie, Soul, and talks about its themes of purpose, beauty, and connection. Mark Labberton served as a faith advisor for the film. (This episode contains spoilers.)

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Jemar Tisby on Racial Justice

Jemar Tisby on Racial Justice

Jemar Tisby, author of How to Fight Racism: Courageous Christianity and the Journey Toward Racial Justice, talks about racial justice, the power of the stories we tell, and the dangerous way passivity fuels an oppressive status quo.

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Barbara Williams

Barbara Williams-Skinner on Power and Prayer

Barbara Williams-Skinner, CEO and co-founder of the Skinner Leadership Institute and co-convener of the National African American Clergy Network, shares about her multifaceted work in pursuit of systemic justice and equity—and the need for prayer through it all.

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Shirley Mullen

Shirley Mullen on Christian Higher Education

Shirley Mullen, president of Houghton College, talks about the transformative power of the classroom and the profound impact Christian higher education can have in the world.

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Claire Crisp

Claire Crisp on Narcolepsy

Claire Crisp, author and executive director of Wake Up Narcolepsy, opens up about her experience of parenting a child with narcolepsy and about how we theologically engage with the realities of chronic conditions.

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Tod Bolsinger

Tod Bolsinger on Leadership Formation

Tod Bolsinger, senior congregational strategist and associate professor of leadership formation, speaks about the importance of resilience, vulnerability, and self-reflection in the development of a leader.

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Brad Strawn

Brad Strawn on Anxiety in the Political Sphere

In the wake of Election Day, Brad Strawn, Evelyn and Frank Freed Professor of the Integration of Psychology and Theology, discusses navigating our anxiety and fear while moving toward emotional regulation and empathy.

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Brad Strawn

Brad Strawn on Psychology and Public Life

Brad Strawn, Evelyn and Frank Freed Professor of the Integration of Psychology and Theology, talks about mental health, psychological stress, self-differentiation, and emotional regulation in the context of a divisive political climate.

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Alexia Salvatierra

Alexia Salvatierra on Integral Mission

Alexia Salvatierra, assistant professor of integral mission and global transformation, shares about her personal journey of faith, the centrality of justice to the gospel, and the importance of holistic mission to contemporary theological education.

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David Swanson

David Swanson on Race and Discipleship

David Swanson, pastor of New Community Covenant Church, considers racial reconciliation not as an optional ministry of the church but as a central part of the church’s identity—one which must be shaped over time by intentional discipleship.

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phil Armstrong

Phil Armstrong on the Tulsa Race Massacre

Phil Armstrong, project manager of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre Centennial Commission, speaks about the Tulsa Massacre—its historical context, the trauma and silencing that followed, and the current work of commemoration and education being done surrounding it.

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Robert Chao Romero

Robert Chao Romero on the Brown Church

Robert Chao Romero, professor of Chicana/o studies and Asian American studies at UCLA, shares about the long history of the Latina/o church and the necessity of a holistic gospel, which prioritizes both evangelism and social justice.

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Broderick Leaks

Broderick Leaks on Mental Health on the College Campus

Broderick Leaks (PhD ’09), director of counseling and mental health at USC Student Health and clinical associate professor of psychiatry and the behavioral sciences at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, describes the increasing mental health needs of emerging adults and the work of providing them meaningful support in the university context.

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mark Labberton and Brenda Salter McNeil

Brenda Salter McNeil on Reconciliation

Brenda Salter McNeil, speaker, author, and professor, talks about the long work of reconciliation, the need to speak truth, and the ongoing process of repentance, forgiveness, and justice guided by God’s Spirit.

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Jennifer Wiseman

Jennifer Wiseman on Astronomy

Jennifer Wiseman, astrophysicist and astronomer, delves into the complexity and beauty of the universe and explains how being scientifically informed relates to the flourishing and improvement of life.

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Walter Brueggemann

Walter Brueggemann on Reading the Old Testament

Walter Brueggemann, renowned author and Old Testament scholar, speaks about engaging the Biblical text with an artistic interpretive lens that resists universal generalizations, then participates in a Q&A with the Fuller community.

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Kerry Morrison

Kerry Morrison on Homelessness and Mental Health

Kerry Morrison, program director for Heart Forward LA, shares about her work on mental health with the homeless communities in LA and for her innovative and experimental approaches to taking on the broken systems.

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Vince Bantu

Vince Bantu on African American Identity and the Church

Vince Bantu, assistant professor of church history and Black Church studies, talks about the varied dynamics and histories of African American communities around the United States, Black experience in the American church, and his own journey of reclaiming identity through African history and Christianity.

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Cedric WIlliams

Cedric Williams on Meaning-Making

Cedric Williams (PhD ’19), founder and CEO of Legacy Consulting & Research Group, talks about his layered experiences of the military, ministry, and psychology, and about his current work of walking alongside others in the process of meaning-making.

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Andre Henry

Andre Henry on Systemic Racism

Andre Henry (MAT ’16), writer, singer-songwriter, and activist, shares his personal journey of learning about systemic racism and explains the active and prophetic work he’s taken up against it.

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Dwight Radcliff

Dwight Radcliff on Black Pain

Dwight Radcliff, assistant provost for the William E. Pannell Center for African American Church Studies, speaks about the systems of oppression and generational trauma that plague Black communities and challenges the church to own a theology that responds rightly to suffering rather than dismissing it.

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Tony Amoury Alkhoury

Tony Amoury Alkhoury on Anxiety

Tony Amoury Alkhoury, PhD student in practical theology, shares about his experience of growing up with anxiety and what he’s learned about living in the tension between fear and the reality of God’s presence.

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Greg Cootsona

Greg Cootsona on Faith and Science

Greg Cootsona, author, co-director of Science for the Church, and lecturer in religious studies and humanities at CSU Chico, discusses the relationship between faith and science and explores how a church’s approach to science shapes its work and witness.

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Scott Derrickson

Scott Derrickson on Fear

Scott Derrickson, director and screenwriter of The Exorcism of Emily Rose and Doctor Strange, reflects on his journey as a filmmaker and the significance of reckoning with fear.

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andy crouch

Andy Crouch on Trust in a Time of Change

Andy Crouch, author and Fuller trustee, discusses the dramatic changes the world is undergoing during this time of pandemic, focusing on how communities of trust help us navigate grief and the reconfiguration of our lives.

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Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee on Anti-Asian American Racism

Daniel D. Lee, assistant provost for the Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry, speaks about the history of racism against Asian Americans and the racism Asian American communities are currently experiencing during this ongoing pandemic.

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Beth Moore

Beth Moore on Growth

Beth Moore, author, speaker, and founder of Living Proof Ministries, considers the biblical imagery of the vineyard and what it can teach us about how we grow over time and through seasons of change and trial.

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Andrew Root

Andrew Root on Belief in a Secular Age

Andrew Root, professor and Carrie Olson Baalson Chair of Youth and Family Ministry at Luther Seminary, talks about what encountering transcendence looks like in contemporary secular contexts.

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Peter Wehner

Peter Wehner on Politics

Peter Wehner, author and senior fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, discusses the intersections of faith and politics and considers how to pursue truth and justice in a divided world.

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Sonja Dawson

Sonja Dawson on Justice

Sonja Dawson, head pastor of New Mt. Calvary Church, shares about her experiences doing restorative justice work—both during her years as a prosecutor and during her present calling as a pastor.

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Bobette Buster

Bobette Buster on Story and Sound

Bobette Buster, writer and producer, who has consulted for Disney, Pixar, and Sony, among other major studios, discusses sound design in the film industry and the powerful role sound plays in storytelling.

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thumb mary glenn

Mary Glenn on Grief

Mary Glenn, affiliate professor with the School of Intercultural Studies, discusses her work as a law enforcement chaplain, her non-profit, Cities Together, and how she helps individuals process grief

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Keri Tombazian

Keri Tombazian on Finding Her Voice

Keri Tombazian, actress, producer, and voice actress, discusses the journey of her famed career and how she ultimately found her voice

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Norma Ramírez, Lisseth Rojas-Flores, and Sonia Luginbuhl

Norma Ramírez, Lisseth Rojas-Flores, and Sonia Luginbuhl on DACA

Norma Ramírez, with Dr. Lisseth Rojas-Flores and Pastor Sonia Luginbuhl, talks about growing up undocumented and about her experience as a Fuller PhD student under the DACA policy (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals).

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Pam King

Pamela Ebstyne King on Thriving

Pamela Ebstyne King, Peter L. Benson Associate Professor of Applied Developmental Science, discusses how community and purpose contribute to human development and flourishing.

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Nick Vujicic

Nick Vujicic on Faith

Nick Vujicic, evangelist and author, speaks about his life without limbs, his early struggles of finding hope in God, and his understanding of faith and ministry today.

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Justin Fung and Delonte Gholston

Justin Fung and Delonte Gholston on Pastoring and Peacemaking

Pastors Delonte Gholston (MDiv ’15) and Justin Fung (DMin ’19) speak about pastoring in Washington DC and on peacemaking amid the realities of sociopolitical violence.

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Phil Chen on Technology

Phil Chen, decentralized chief officer at HTC, explores the intersections of theology and emerging digital technology—covering topics like cryptocurrency, virtual reality, and data privacy.

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Bethany Hoang Kristen Johnson

Bethany Hanke Hoang and Kristen Deede Johnson on Justice

Bethany Hanke Hoang and Kristen Deede Johnson, coauthors of The Justice Calling: Where Passion Meets Perseverance, talk about living a sustainable life of working toward justice over the long term.

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Jamar Tisby

Jemar Tisby on Race and the American Church

Jemar Tisby, author of The Color of Compromise: The Truth About the American Church’s Complicity in Racism, discusses the history of racial inequality in the United States and in the American church.

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Teesha and John

Teesha Hadra and John Hambrick on Race

Teesha Hadra and John Hambrick, coauthors of Black and White: Disrupting Racism One Friendship at a Time, discuss issues of race and the practices of empathy, humility, and leaving one’s comfort zone.

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Tony Hale

Tony Hale on the Creative Life and Process

Tony Hale, Emmy Award-winning actor, chats about his career in the entertainment industry and how the creative process shapes his understanding of humanity and identity.

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Roy Goble on Wisdom

Roy Goble, author of Junkyard Wisdom and Salvaged, talks about learning from failure, measuring success, and engaging with the gospel in the wider world.

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Fuller's Chapel Team

Fuller’s Chapel Team on Worship

Director of chapel Julie Tai and chapel assistants January Lim and Aaron Dorsey discuss the planning process for chapel services and the significance of diverse representation in worship.

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David Bailey

David Bailey on Reconciliation

David Bailey, founder and executive director of Arrabon, shares about his work in racial reconciliation and the need for the church to repair society’s broken systems.

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Nancy Ortberg

Nancy Ortberg on Leadership

Nancy Ortberg, CEO of Transforming the Bay with Christ, talks about courage in leadership and the church’s need to stay engaged in the difficult conversations.

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David Brooks

David Brooks on Community and Commitment

David Brooks, cultural commentator and columnist for The New York Times, discusses social transformation and the power of commitment in forming communities.

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John K. Chan

John K. Chan on Architecture

John K. Chan, founder of Formation Association and lead architect of Fuller’s new campus, explains how buildings influence and activate the community around them.

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Kara Powell and Steve Argue

Kara Powell and Steve Argue on Parenting

Fuller Youth Institute’s Kara Powell and Steve Argue discuss the role of empathy in parenting and the ever-shifting challenges facing young adults in today’s culture.

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andy bales (conversing)

Andy Bales on Homelessness

Andy Bales, CEO of Union Rescue Mission, reflects on homeless advocacy, what led him to his current work, and serving people on Skid Row at great personal cost.

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Boyle at Conversing

Gregory Boyle on Kinship

Father Greg Boyle, founder of Homeboy Industries, reflects on decades of ministry and widening a circle of compassion beyond every barrier we build.

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Audrey Conversing

Audrey Denney on Politics

Audrey Denney, a 2018 congressional candidate in California, reflects on the impact of women activists, encountering defeat, and grappling with the Paradise, CA fires.

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Mitali Conversing Headshot

Mitali Perkins on Justice and Literature

Mitali Perkins, celebrated children’s author, reflects on India, politics, and writing stories about characters who navigating cultural difference.

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John Ortberg (Conversing Headshot)

John Ortberg on Discipleship

John Ortberg, senior pastor at Menlo Church and Fuller trustee, reflects on his own vocation as a preacher and writer and how practices of discipleship can transform the human person.

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Beth Moore (headshot)

Beth Moore on Women in Leadership and Misogyny

Beth Moore reflects on how she developed an authentic style of teaching that ministers to thousands of women, and her battle against misogyny in the church.

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Lauralee Farrer (conversing)

Lauralee Farrer on Storytelling and Filmmaking

Lauralee Farrer, Fuller’s Chief Storyteller and Vice President of Communications, discusses her life as a storyteller and independent filmmaker, FULLER studio, and helping shape Fuller’s story.

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Ben Houltberg on conversing

Ben Houltberg on Sports

Ben Houltberg, associate professor of human development, reflects on working with elite athletes, performance-based identity, and the role of community in sports.

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John Perkins on Conversing

John Perkins on Friendship

Civil rights activist John M. Perkins reflects on his storied life and the role of friendship in looking for love and justice.

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Parker Palmer (Conversing)

Parker Palmer on Contemplation

Parker Palmer, celebrated Quaker author and speaker, reflects on a contemplative approach to life, the value of failure, and the difficult work of weaving together words and action.

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Dave Gibbons

Dave Gibbons on the Changing Church

Dave Gibbons, pastor of the Newsong global alliance of churches, reflects on disruption, risk, and the cultivating an imagination for the future of the church.

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Rich Stearns

Rich Stearns on Faithful Philanthropy

Rich Stearns, president of World Vision U.S., reflects on international development, insights from his leadership, and the whole gospel.

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Tim Breene on Global Ministry

Tim Breene, CEO of World Relief, reflects on humanitarian aid, empowering the local church to serve, and the “obedient Improvisation” of navigating sociopolitical problems to serve those in need.

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Shirley Hoogstra

Shirley Hoogstra on Faith and Learning

Shirley Hoogstra, president of the Council for Christian Colleges & Universities, reflects on the complex social and political pressures on Christian higher education.

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Rowan Williams (headshot)

Rowan Williams on Navigating Faith and Politics

Right Reverend Rowan Williams reflects on complex religious and political cross-pressures and the spiritual disciplines that sustain him .

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Conversing on a Theology of Place

Brad Brisco and Lance Ford on a Theology of Place

Church planters Brad Brisco and Lance Ford reflect on a theology of place and an expanded view of what it means to participate in God’s mission.

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Conversing with Paul Schrader

Paul Schrader on Film

Screenwriter and director Paul Schrader reflects on his Christian upbringing and how the unique language of film—especially the transcendental style—helps him explore religious questions.

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Tara Beth on Conversing

Tara Beth Leach on Women in Ministry

Tara Beth Leach, senior pastor of First Church of the Nazarene of Pasadena, reflects on the complexities of preaching, female leadership, and how she finds comfort in Christ’s love of the outsider.

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Cameron Lee on Conversing

Cameron Lee on Relationships

Cameron Lee, professor of marriage and family studies, reflects on relationships through the lens of romance culture, the complexities of social media, community, and peacemaking.

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Kate Bowler (headshot)

Kate Bowler on Suffering

Kate Bowler, assistant professor of the history of Christianity in North America at Duke Divinity School, reflects on the prosperity gospel, her cancer diagnosis, and her desire for authentic faith.

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Gary Haugen and Mark Labberton at Conversing

Gary Haugen on Working with the Poor

Gary Haugen, founder and CEO of International Justice Mission (IJM), reflects on his work in Rwanda, the story of IJM, and how spiritual formation naturally leads to advocating for the poor.

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Michael McBride

Michael McBride on Discipleship

Michael McBride, pastor of the Way Christian Center in Berkeley, California, reflects on faithful discipleship in the context of racialized violence, economic exploitation, and white supremacy.

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Pete Docter

Pete Docter on Storytelling

Pixar’s Pete Docter, director of the animated films Monsters, Inc., Up, and Inside Out, speaks with Mark Labberton about creating stories in community, the creative process, and more.

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David Eubank on War Zone Ministry (Conversing)

David Eubank on War Zone Ministry

David Eubank shares lessons on fear and prayer from decades of work as an “ambassador for Jesus” in war-torn Burma and Mosul.

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Camille Wooden and Len Tang on Church Planting

Camille Wooden, senior pastor of Abundant Life Covenant Bible Church, and Len Tang, director of Fuller’s Church Planting Program, reflect on committing to neighbors and challenges of church planting.

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Bishop Zac

Bishop Zac Niringiye on Justice

The Rt. Rev. Dr. D. Zac Niringiye, a theologian and activist, explores the gospel, justice, and taking faithful risks for marginalized people in global contexts.

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Alan Hirsch on Rediscovering Holistic Ministry

Alan Hirsch, celebrated missiologist and author, reflects on his conversion and how Christian communities can revitalize their ministries.

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Jacquelline Fuller (conversing)

Jacquelline Fuller on Humble Philanthropy

Jacquelline Fuller, president of, considers the complex intersections of public policy, technology, and philanthropy.

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Russell Moore Conversing

Russell Moore on Courage

Russell Moore, president of the Southern Baptist Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, reflects with President Labberton on courage and public life.

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J Kameron Carter on Conversing (2)

J. Kameron Carter on Black Poetics

In this episode of “Conversing,” theologian and writer J. Kameron Carter discusses the complex interplay between racial logic and theology.

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Dave Evans

Dave Evans on Designing a Life of Faith

In this episode of “Conversing,” writer Dave Evans applies the discipline of design to the search for a meaningful life and discusses the “collaborative process” of following God’s will.

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Albert Tate

Albert Tate on Pastoral Authenticity

In this episode of “Conversing,” pastor Albert Tate reflects on navigating the complexities of pastoral ministry.

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Mimi Haddad (headshot)

Mimi Haddad on Gender Equality

Mimi Haddad, president of Christians for Biblical Equality, discusses gender equality and women in leadership.

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Jeanelle and Lindsey (headshots)

Jeanelle Austin and Lindsey Wright on Gender Bias

Jeanelle Austin (MDiv ’13) and Lindsey Wright (MAT ’12) reflect on implicit bias, gender dynamics in the church and workplace, and their hopes for the future.

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Willie Jennings Duke Divinity faculty studio headshot

Willie Jennings on Race

Willie Jennings, associate professor of systematic theology and Africana studies at Yale Divinity School, discusses race with Dr. Labberton and reframes social problems around a theology of place.

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Wayne Gordon

Wayne L. Gordon on Community

Wayne L. Gordon, chairman of the Christian Community Development Association, discusses with Dr. Labberton the unexpected partnerships that arise as communities respond to Christ’s call for justice.

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John Perkins (headshot)

John M. Perkins on Legacy

Civil rights activist John M. Perkins talks with Dr. Labberton about the role of protest in a life of faith and how he supports a new generation of leaders advocating for social change.

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Krista Tippett

Krista Tippett on Wisdom

Krista Tippett, founder and host of public radio’s program On Being, reflects with Dr. Labberton on her conversations with cultural leaders and the role of wisdom in shaping public discourse.

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Vincent Bacote

Vincent Bacote on Virtues of Political Leadership

Vincent Bacote, director of the Center for Applied Christian Ethics at Wheaton College, reflects with Drs. Labberton and Richard Mouw on virtues of political leadership during a fraught election.

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Richard Mouw Missiology Lecture

Richard Mouw on Political Civility

Richard Mouw, president emeritus and professor of faith and public life, discusses civil dialogue with Dr. Labberton and how Christians with differing political commitments can work together.

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It is Fuller’s practice to allow conversations with our guests to be uncensored as a gesture of engagement in civil dialogue—a value to which Fuller Theological Seminary is deeply committed. We invite you to listen with hospitality, realizing that guests reflect their own views and not necessarily views in harmony with the stated mission of Fuller.