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Publishing alumni stories, articles by leading experts, and more, FULLER magazine features the latest in theological scholarship engaged with the practiced life of the church today. FULLER magazine is published twice a year, online and in print.

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Publishing alumni stories, articles by leading experts, and more, FULLER magazine features the latest in theological scholarship engaged with the practiced life of the church today. FULLER magazine is published twice a year, online and in print.

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In this issue of FULLER magazine, guest edited by Soong-Chan Rah, we explore what it might mean for us to be faithful bearers of God’s good news in and for our world today.

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Cover of Mag Issue 25 - Family

Issue 25: Family

This issue of FULLER magazine considers the particular question of how our faith shapes, and reshapes, our understanding of “family.”

Issue 24 cover

Issue 24: Renewing the Church

This issue of FULLER magazine hopes to witness to this sacred movement, happening in the church all over the globe. The stories, articles, and interviews in these pages seek to point to a God who continues to bring forth a new and good reality, day by day.

Mag 23 cover

Issue 23: Justice

What does it look like for wrong to be made right, and how we are to be part of this work?

Fuller mag issue 22 cover

Issue 22: Both/And

Resisting either/or thinking and embrace a both/and perspective.

mag 21 cover

Issue 21: What’s Next

The world keeps changing, and change always begets more change. A new world means reimagined selves, a reimagined church, and a reimagined way in which disciples of Jesus are prepared to encounter the challenges before us, even as our hope amidst a shifting landscape remains the same: the good news of Christ’s love and justice,… Read more »

mag issue 20 cover

Issue 20: In Between

These voices speak something deeply about what it means to be in between. They know the yearning and the pain in that space, but they also know of the hope and goodness to be discovered in it.

mag 19 cover

Issue 19: Migration

The God of the Bible is the God of migration. To follow Jesus meant to be adopted into a migrant family of unlike people

magazine 18 Politics cover

Issue 18: Politics

Dominant cultural manners can sometimes be confused with following Jesus. They are not the same thing, however, and nothing reveals this better than politics – except perhaps religion.

magazine 17 cover

Issue 17: Place

In our urbanizing, globalizing, and digital world, connection in virtual spaces has increasingly taken precedence over connections in specific geographic locations. Yet, Jesus came to us as a human being in a specific time and place.

Issue Sixteen Cover

Issue 16: Imagining Hope

So what counts as hope in the face of “hopeless” chronic need? Caricatures of Christian hope that portray the gospel like a magic pill violate both those who suffer and the love of Jesus to heal them.

Issue 15 Technology

Issue 15: Technology

We should consider technology a natural frontier for Christian ethics. As we ponder whether the innovations of this world have sufficient moral compass, we imagine Fuller filling a crucial gap.

Issue 14

Issue 14: Suffering With

Every cup of suffering is full. Pain is not only universal but a basis for such Christlike empathy. “Suffering with” breaks the trends of individualism and inches us toward communal life.

Issue 13 Worship and Art (cover)

Issue 13: Worship and Art

The expression of worship and art is embodied, and that this embodiment affects both what we absorb as the world flows through and what we release back into it.

Disruption Cover

Issue 12: Disruption

Jesus was not a quieting influence. He was an unsettling disturber of the peace. Jesus’ teaching seemed to crack open the whole universe.

Health and Healing Cover

Issue 11: Health and Healing

Health issues expose our vulnerability like little else. Even the most healthy among us will eventually face that we are all small-framed, soft-bodied, short-lived creatures.

Issue 10 Cover

Issue 10: Work

I love work. More specifically and honestly, I love the work I love. Who doesn’t? Much of that work involves people and ideas, creativity and imagination, problem solving and decision making.

Issue 9 (cover)

Issue 9: Shalom

While containing some of our deepest longings and hopes, shalom is at once deeply desired and never fully experienced. It describes what God’s grace intends, while the ordinary world of discord, violence, and broken relationships roils unresolved.

Reading Scripture Globally (Issue 8) - cover

Issue 8: Reading Scripture Globally

It’s not that we have different Bibles but that we see the same Bible differently, depending on where we’re standing.

Issue 7 Young People Cover

Issue 7: Young People

“Young people” still means me. It also means you.

Issue Six FULLER magazine "Restore"

Issue 6: Restore

It is invigorating to imagine the presence of God at our table in the bread or accompanying us in a groan of prayer too deep for words or hosted in a suffering man’s expression.

Integration FULLER magazine

Issue 5: Integration of Psychology and Theology

Fuller is committed to an ethos of integration. We intend to apply theology to the whole of life, and the whole of life to theology, so that this commitment informs and gives meaning to everything we study.

The cover of FULLER magazine Issue Four: Reconciling Race

Issue 4: Reconciling Race

This issue of FULLER magazine is not meant to address race relations in America; it’s about reconciling race here—at Fuller and in the wider church we serve.

FULLER magazine Issue 3 cover

Issue 3: Women

Fuller intends equality. This intention is very important—whether we’ve arrived or are only headed the right way on the path.

FULLER Magazine Issue 2 cover

Issue 2: Evangelical

There’s also more to the story of being evangelical, which is why we chose to focus on it in the theology section of this, our second issue.


Issue 1: Vocation

This inaugural issue of FULLER magazine, a new fusion of story, theology, and voice, is meant to reflect the life of Fuller in all her permutations: this is who we are, what we are talking about, and who we are becoming together