Fuller Dialogues

The 2019 Missiology lectures explored how digital technology shapes human interaction, virtue formation, and engagement with the cultural and religious other.

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The Church and the Spirit in Mediated Spaces

Ryan K. Bolger, associate professor of church in contemporary culture, discusses challenges, opportunities, and hopes for the church amidst a shifting technological landscape.

David Brenner

Artificial Intelligence and Faith, with David Brenner

David Brenner describes the mission of the organization AI and Faith, which works to direct artificial intelligence research and technology towards human flourishing, with an eye towards ethics and a grounding in multiple faith traditions.

Phil Chin and Mark Labberton

Developing Artificial Intelligence, with Phil Chen

Phil Chen talks about the development of AI and the ethics of sourcing material for large language models like ChatGPT.

Guy Kawasaki

Artificial Intelligence, Humanity, and Morality, with Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki discusses some of the possible positive impacts of artificial intelligence for creativity, productivity, and society at large.

Mark Graves

Artificial Intelligence and Ethics, with Mark Graves

Mark Graves discusses the intersections of AI, technology, ethics, faith, and philosophy.

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Beatitudes for the Use of Social Media: Resisting the Either/Or

W. David O. Taylor, associate professor of theology and culture, lists ten beatitudes to help us posture ourselves with hope and charity while navigating social media platforms.

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Globalization and Online Theological Education: Questions We Must Ask

David H. Scott, associate dean of the School of Mission and Theology, casts an eye on the new frontiers of online theological education in this era of globalization—examining both its risks and its gifts.

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Making Our Home in a Virtual World

Kevin Doi, Fuller Seminary chaplain, reflects on the possibilities and the limits of spiritual formation and community in online spaces.

Greg Cootsona

Greg Cootsona on Faith and Science


Greg Cootsona, author, co-director of Science for the Church, and lecturer in religious studies and humanities at CSU Chico, discusses the relationship between faith and science and explores how a church’s approach to science shapes its work and witness.

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FULLER dialogues: Becoming Digital Neighbors

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The 2019 lectures explored how digital technology shapes human interaction, virtue formation, and engagement with the cultural and religious other.

Marcia Clarke

Response | Marcia Clarke on Data, Research, and Mission


Response | Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen on Mind and Matter

Erik Aasland

Response | Erik Aasland on Constructive Discourse


Response | Wilmer Villacorta on Technology, Power, and Hubris

Kirsteen Kim

Response | Kirsteen Kim on Digital Technology’s Disadvantages

Susan Maros

Response | Susan Maros on New Tools of Formation

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Re-membering the Dis-membered

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Parenting in Today's Digital Playground

Interview with Michael Ebstyne

Parenting in Today's Digital Playground

Worship, Theology, and the Arts Online: A Case Study of Technology in Education

Parenting in Today's Digital Playground

Restoring Agency with Digital Therapeutics: A Conversation with Matt Lumpkin

Kutter Callaway

Navigating Digital Spaces among Different Faiths

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Fuller faculty, along with scholars from various faith traditions, gather for a roundtable discussion on how technology impacts religious literacy, human connection, and interfaith dialogue.