Fuller Dialogues

Carly Crouch

FULLER curated: The Bible on the Move

Considering what the Bible has to say about migration, Biblical scholars and experts gathered to discuss today’s migration crisis and the church’s response.

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FULLER dialogues: Black Scholars in Post-Civil Rights Institutions

On January 22–24, 2020, the William E. Pannell Center for African American Church Studies held its annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration.

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VR headset missiology

FULLER dialogues: Becoming Digital Neighbors

The 2019 lectures explored how digital technology shapes human interaction, virtue formation, and engagement with the cultural and religious other.

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Carol Newsom

FULLER dialogues: Sin, Spirituality, and the Self

Fuller’s School of Theology hosted Carol A. Newsom to deliver the 2019 Payton Lectures, “The Self and Spirituality in Second Temple Judaism.”

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worship theology and art in a divided world

FULLER dialogues: Worship, Theology, and the Arts in a Divided World

Leading theologians and artists explore how the arts can becomes sources of good news in our divided world.

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God and Guns panel

FULLER dialogues: The Bible and American Gun Culture

What does the Bible have to say about the use of violence? Can we connect ancient and modern in the case of guns and their prominence in US society?

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FULLER dialogues: A Psychology of the Ordinary

How humility, grace, and gratitude—as elements of religious experience—impact everyday human life

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Urban Poor header

FULLER dialogues: The Black Church and the Urban Poor In America

Leading scholars wrestle with the complexities of race, theology, and the economy

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man playing an instrument

FULLER dialogues: Global Arts and Witness

Scholars and guests of the School of Intercultural Studies discuss the vibrant intersections of mission, the arts, and multifaith contexts

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church without borders panel

FULLER dialogues: Una Iglesia Sin Fronteras

Los eruditos e invitados discuten la teología y la experiencia Latinx en conferencias en español organizadas por el Centro Latino

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Black Public Theology Panel on womanist theology

FULLER dialogues: Black Public Theology

The Black Public Theology Symposium brought the Black academy and the Black church into dialogue and explore ways to distill Black theology and make it accessible to the Black church and community

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New Years Hero

FULLER dialogues: Leadership

Christian Leaders Dave Evans and Gary Haugen reflect on discerning vocation, fear and uncertainty, and faithful leadership in a chaotic world

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FULLER dialogues on Theology and Human Rights

FULLER dialogues: Theology and Human Rights

Right Reverend Rowan Williams, 104th Archbishop of Canterbury, and Fuller faculty reflect on theology, ethics, and the language of human rights

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Cameron Lee at the Integration Symposium Lectures

FULLER dialogues: Therapy as Peacemaking

Cameron Lee,professor of marriage and family studies, and Fuller faculty discuss therapy, peacemaking, and the Christian life at the School of Psychology’s 2018 Integration Symposium

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Willie Jennings at the Missiology Lectures

FULLER dialogues: Race and Identity

Leading scholars wrestle with the complexities of race, whiteness, and the gospel

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FULLER dialogues on Young People and the Church (header)

FULLER dialogues: Young People and the Church

Kenda Creasy Dean and Fuller faculty reflect on millennials, missional entrepreneurship, and the church

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Evelyne Reisacher at the Integration Symposium

FULLER dialogues: Relational Integration

Boston University’s Steven Sandage and Fuller faculty discuss relational integration and psychotherapy at the School of Psychology’s 2017 Integration Symposium

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Missiology Lectures Muslim Panel

FULLER dialogues: Global Islam

International scholars reflect on Christian responses to global Islam

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BSC panel on race with Fuller faculty

FULLER dialogues: Race

The Black Seminarians Council at Fuller presents a careful reflection on racism and injustice, biblical wisdom, and ways the church can respond faithfully to today’s social crises

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Missiology Lectures Muslim Panel

FULLER dialogues: Muslims & Christians

A conversation among Fuller faculty and students and leading Muslim scholars in Southern California

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