Beautiful Enough to Keep

Beautiful Enough to Keep

For the last six years, 100 pages of art, commentary, theology, stories and reflections from some of the top minds at Fuller Seminary have been sent to you three times a year in the form of FULLER magazine—free of charge. Everything in this multiple award-winning community magazine is by Fuller, about Fuller, with Fuller people. It’s our way of keeping you inspired by what your community around the world is doing, thinking, and learning, while continuing to expand the conversation, whether you are studying at Fuller or not.

If you’re tired of looking at screens all day and want something to relax into without shutting off your mind (or your spirit), perhaps you’d like to help cover costs of printing and mailing? Perhaps you’d do that for yourself and provide for others who would love to keep learning from Fuller through a magazine many have said they are "proud to keep on their coffee tables." This is our attempt to keep the presses running and the printed magazine coming to your house––you might be surprised how little it takes to help make that happen:


cost of printing and mailing one year of FULLER magazine (three issues) to you


one year of FULLER magazine (three issue) to you and nine of your fellow alumni


one year of FULLER magazine to 20 alumni


one year of FULLER magazine to 100 freshly minted graduates

To give by check, make it out to "Fuller Seminary" and send to:

Fuller Seminary
Attn: FULLER studio
135 N. Oakland Ave
Pasadena, CA 91182

If you prefer to give online, choose your desired amount, then under "Gift Designation," select "Other" and specify "FULLER studio" in the giving form below.