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Kenda Creasy Dean and Fuller faculty reflect on millennials, missional entrepreneurship, and the church

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Fuller Magazine

At the Wooten Center in South Los Angeles, Naomi McSwain uses education to help young people thrive

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Fuller Youth Institute’s Kara Powell and Steve Argue discuss the role of empathy in parenting and the ever-shifting challenges facing young adults in today’s culture

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Fuller Magazine

The theology section of the seventh issue of Fuller Magazine is devoted entirely to the dynamics of ministry to young people.

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More Resources for a Deeply Formed Spiritual Life

Kara Powell

Catalytic Ministry, Part One

Kara Powell talks about how the church can better meet the needs of young people today by offering Christ-centered answers to questions concerning identity, belonging, and purpose.

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Talking Church with Your Teenager and Young Adult

Steven Argue, associate professor of youth, family, and culture, shares about walking with our teenage or young adult children as they engage with and explore their faith.

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Leading from a Step Behind: How Children Minister to the Family

Alesia Starks, instructor in the practice of marriage and family therapy, shares lessons she’s learned from her children about Christlikeness, faith, and humility.


Sharing Their Stories, Owning Their Voice, with Ahren Martinez

Ahren Martinez (MAICS ’18) shares about creating safe and healthy communities for youth through storytelling and table fellowship.

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Lighting a Spark | Peter L. Benson

Peter L. Benson shares about his work on how to support children and families in healthy, positive growth and development.


Response | The Next Generation

In response to Helen Jin Kim’s lecture on “Korean Christianity and the Korean War,” Byungjoo Song reflects on the many social issues the church faces today and on the ways the Korean Church needs its emerging generation.

Hee An Choi

Intersectionality in Korean Immigrant Identity

Hee An Choi explores the hybridity of Korean immigrant identity—as a particular Asian immigrant community in the United States—and the Korean church’s leadership role in navigating it.


Response | Forming Our Identity

W. Gil Shin considers what factors ought to shape and define a re-formed identity for the Korean immigrant church.

Allison Norton

Immigration and US Congregations

Allison L. Norton examines migration’s transformative impact on US society and the reinvention of faith communities across second and third generations.

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Holistic Ministry in Intergenerational Community

Elizabeth Tamez Méndez, founder of New Generation3, shares about her own experience of growing up in the church and about her work ministering to emerging generations.

Kara Powell and Brad Griffin

Teenagers’ Big Questions, with Kara Powell and Brad Griffin

Kara Powell and Brad Griffin discuss what it looks like to engage empathetically with today’s teenagers as they grapple with questions of identity, belonging, and purpose.

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A Place to Go for Something to Do

At the Wooten Center in South Los Angeles, Naomi McSwain uses education to help young people thrive

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Communities of Belonging

Ministering to young people of color in the church, Jeff Liou creates space in which they can belong and thrive

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COVID-19, ICE, and the Betrayal of Latino Children

Lisseth Rojas-Flores, associate professor of clinical psychology, writes about the trauma inflicted on Latino youth by both the pandemic and the immigration system, as well as the Christian responsibility to work toward change

Lisseth Rojas-Flores

Response | Lisseth Rojas-Flores on Latino Children and Identity Formation


In response to Juan Martínez’s lecture “Missiological Reflections on the ‘In-Betweenness’ of Latino Protestantism,” Lisseth Rojas-Flores, associate professor of clinical psychology, talks about the adversity faced by Latino children in the US and how churches can act as a positive disruption to this pattern.

migration iin missological perspective

Migration in Missiological Perspective

At Fuller’s 2020 Missiology Lectures, scholars took a deep dive into Los Angeles’s unique history and culture to explore wider issues of migration, transnationalism, and interfaith engagement through a missiological perspective.

Broderick Leaks

Broderick Leaks on Mental Health on the College Campus

Broderick Leaks (PhD ’09), director of counseling and mental health at USC Student Health and clinical associate professor of psychiatry and the behavioral sciences at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, describes the increasing mental health needs of emerging adults and the work of providing them meaningful support in the university context.

Sand by Dea Jenkins

Hope-filled Discipleship for Today’s Young People

Grief Beach

The Role of Mindfulness in the Midst of Pain: the Importance of Present-Focus Attention


Joey Fung, associate professor of psychology, encourages practicing mindfulness as we experience seasons of pain—cultivating our awareness of God’s presence in our day to day lives.

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Hope for the Pain of the Korean Youth

Tree Fear Hope

A Shared Story of Future Hope


Scott Cormode, Hugh De Pree Professor of Leadership Development, writes about innovating towards a hopeful future for the church, while holding to the constants and traditions of the faith.