Spiritual Formation


The Prayer of Examen is a spiritual practice of reviewing the day to retune ourselves to the sacred in ordinary life. Usually lasting 15–20 minutes and done in the evening, the prayer prompts us to remember God’s presence, express gratitude, reflect on the day, and prepare for the day to come.

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More Resources for a Deeply Formed Spiritual Life

Kevin Doi Andrea Cammarota

Ministry Retreat as Sacred Space

Andrea Cammarota and Kevin Doi lead a workshop on designing spiritual retreats as healing spaces for those who’ve experienced trauma.

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Then and Now | Steven Argue

Steven Argue preaches about our call to love, and about how such love is formed as we look back to our past, live in our present, and look ahead in the future.

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Love in Action | Alexis Abernethy

Alexis Abernethy cautions us against getting caught up in cycles of hate and encourages us to move toward faithful and communal love for others.

hiking with dogs

The Grace of Not Knowing

Andrea Cammarota, Fuller Seminary chaplain, shares about opening ourselves up to encountering God in the unknown and the unexpected, as she draws from her own vocational journey.

walking path alongside a stream

Benediction: The Way is Made by Walking

Brad Strawn, chief of spiritual formation and integration, and Amy Drennan, executive director of vocation formation, share lessons on embodied formation as they reflect on a Fuller group’s pilgrimage along Spain’s Camino de Santiago.

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To Be Seen and to Be Loved | W. David O. Taylor

David Taylor preaches on the way God sees and loves us, pouring his grace on us, and on the ways we might in turn see one another with love.

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Generativity and Healing | Cedric Williams

Cedric Williams reflects on the risky work of healing and generativity, which requires us to step into the pain, with the help of others, to piece together what’s been broken.

Ruth Padilla-DeBorst

God-Gifted Interruptions

In her chapel message during the 2023 Missiology Lectures, Ruth Padilla-DeBorst encourages us to be open to witnessing the Spirit and being transformed by the good news in unexpected ways.

Neil Taylor

Storytelling and Evangelism

In his lecture “Storytelling and Evangelism,” delivered at the 2023 Missiology Lectures, Neil Taylor shares about developing a practice of storytelling—as he opens up about his own story.

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God-Gifted Interruptions | Ruth Padilla-DeBorst

Ruth Padilla-DeBorst encourages us to be open to witnessing the Spirit and being transformed by the good news in unexpected ways.

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To Dwell in God’s Presence | David Emmanuel Goatley

David Emmanuel Goatley preaches on the Lord as our light and salvation, in whose presence we can rest assured amidst the suffering and struggle in our life and in the world.

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A Promise of Restoration | Wendy Masias

Wendy Masias preaches about our seasons of uncertainty and waiting, learning to be joyful in every circumstance, and the promise of God’s coming restoration.

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Disorientation and Reorientation | Brad Strawn

Brad Strawn reflects on a psalm of lament and on how disorientation—in community and with God—is a crucial part of our journeys of faith and of our time in seminary in particular.

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The God of Peace | David Emmanuel Goatley

David Emmanuel Goatley encourages us to look to the things of God amidst the pervasive negativity that surrounds us, knowing that God’s peace guards our hearts and minds.

Mark Labberton

Holistic Formation

Mark Labberton explores how the church can walk alongside and into people’s lives for the purpose of holistic formation on a personal and societal level.

David Wang

Catalytic Ministry, Part Two

David Wang shares findings from his empirical longitudinal research on spiritual formation to highlight three observable indicators of spiritual maturity in adults—differentiation of self, intercultural competence, and religious quest.

Kristin Young

Capturing Light

After her son’s battle with pediatric brain cancer, Kristin Young (MDiv student) returns to seminary with a hunger to know God more deeply and a passion to help others discover hope as they walk through valleys.

tightrope walking illustration

When Role Eats Soul: The Spiritual Needs of the Pastor’s Family

Cameron Lee, professor of marriage and family studies, writes about the effects of pastors’ stress on their children and about developing healthy practices for the good of the family.

shadows illustration

Leading from a Step Behind: How Children Minister to the Family

Alesia Starks, instructor in the practice of marriage and family therapy, shares lessons she’s learned from her children about Christlikeness, faith, and humility.

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An Economy of Mercy | Janna Louie

Janna Louie preaches a message of hope about the abundant mercy and compassion God offers.

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A New Way of Being | Erin Dufault-Hunter

Erin Dufault-Hunter preaches a message that reminds us that, in God’s kingdom, we are not only freed from something but freed into a new kind of life together.