The Greatest Films of All Time, with Elijah Davidson

Elijah Davidson

+ Elijah Davidson explores the movement of God’s Spirit throughout cinematic history—in and through the world’s greatest films and the work of filmmaking itself.

Originally published

October 20, 2022

Come & See: A Christian Guide to the Greatest Films of All Time is a collection of 250 written devotions covering the 250 greatest films of all time. The devotions are available as a book, and they are also available one at a time, week by week for anyone who subscribes to the free, Come & See email list.

The emails are sent on Sunday mornings. They proceed chronologically through film history beginning at the beginning and continuing onward to the present day. No matter when you subscribe, you will begin with the first films ever made and then work forward in time through film history.

Begin your journey today.

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Elijah Davidson

Elijah Davidson is co-director of Brehm Film, author of Come & See: A Christian Guide to the Greatest Films of All Time, and creator of the Come & See newsletter.

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