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A Posture of Curiosity in Art and Mission

Melody Bellefeuille-Frost (MAICS ’16) considers the significant role curiosity plays in art, theology, and mission.

Olga Lah

Anew: Creating Art That Points to the Divine

Fuller Studio Features Anew: Creating Art That Points to the Divine Artist and Fuller Alum Olga Lah describes the spiritual and prophetic dimensions of her artistic process and delves into her installation “Anew,” which was made for Fuller’s 75th Anniversary. Olga Lah (MAT) explores ideas on existence in large-scale, site-specific installations. Her work engages with themes of transcendence, perception and phenomenological experience. Visit her website to learn more. Related Topics Theology and Art Featuring Olga… Read more »

Dwight Radcliff

A Legacy of Black Church Leaders and Scholars

“We have to make sure we are doing something that honors the legacy of our ancestors. I believe that our elders have done an awesome job of handing us the baton in the right place, at the right time, and it’s our job now to run full speed.” – Dwight Radcliff A Better Story | A Conversation with Stan Long Stan Long reflects on the many challenges Black faculty and students faced in predominantly White… Read more »

Michelle Lang-Raymond

Conversation Spaces

Michelle Lang-Raymond shares how theater and the arts can create opportunities for us to safely yet deeply engage with today’s polarizing issues.

Rachel Morris

Healing and Restoration

Rachel Morris describes how incorporating the arts in worship services and pastoral care can contribute to the church’s healing work in the lives of its members.

Dea Jenkins

The Process of Making

Dea Jenkins talks about the ways the Spirit’s leading can be intertwined with the process of art-making and about art’s capacity to be both prophetic and healing.

John Van Deusen

Creative Community

John Van Deusen dwells on the significance of creating art in community and on the ways we are shaped by inviting both God and others into our creative processes.

Young-Ly Chandra

Living Water

Young-Ly Chandra understands her creative work as participation in God’s work of creation—an invitation into the movement of the Holy Spirit in the world.

The Arts, for the Life of the Church

The Arts for the Life of the Church

Artists and creatives of Fuller’s Brehm Center reflect on the diverse ways that the arts enliven, shape, and define their faith, their theology, and their work. “As an artist, I believe that it’s my job to allow the arts to be prophetic, to communicate different ways that God can speak.” – Dea Jenkins San Gabriel Mountains, California Living Water Young-Ly Chandra understands her creative work as participation in God’s work of creation-an invitation into the… Read more »

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On Worship and the Arts, with Brehm Center Voices

Faculty and alumni of Fuller’s Brehm Center discuss the role of worship and the arts in the church, common misconceptions many may have about the church and culture, and the hope-filled shifts they are witnessing.

Curt Thompson

Longing, Beauty, and Imagination, with Curt Thompson

Curt Thompson, through lenses of neuroscience and spiritual formation, explores how we engage with our longings, create redemptive beauty, and imagine new futures.

Lorne Buchman

Creativity and Uncertainty, with Lorne Buchman

Lorne Buchman discusses how the creative process can become a way of knowing—through improvisation, discovery, and engagement in a space of uncertainty.

Shannon Sigler

Worship and the Arts, with Shannon Sigler

Shannon Sigler explores the church’s engagement with culture and the integration of worship and the arts, while reflecting on the history and future of Fuller’s Brehm Center.

Mako Fujimura

Art and Faith, with Makoto Fujimura

Makoto Fujimura talks about a theology of new creation and reflects on the sanctifying, healing power that comes through the process of making.

Fuller Sermons

Creative Progress | Maria Fee

Maria Fee, director of Brehm Cascadia, speaks about the crises we encounter on the path to newness and our call to collaborative problem-solving with the Spirit.

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Social Drama: Poetics and Politics

Maria Fee, director of Brehm Cascadia, shows how the arts can inspire Christian liturgies of reconciliation—fostering people’s connections with their neighbors and with God

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Learning to Look Around: How Artists Help Us Find a Home

Shannon Sigler, executive director of Fuller’s Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts, reflects on how a sanctified vision of place helps us cultivate a sense of home even amidst the unfamiliar.

worship theology and art in a divided world

FULLER dialogues: Worship, Theology, and the Arts in a Divided World

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Leading theologians and artists explore how the arts can becomes sources of good news in our divided world.

Culture Care Makoto Fujimura

Makoto Fujimura on a Theology of Making

Vincent Lloyd

The Political Theology of Martin Luther King Jr. | Vincent Lloyd


Dr. Vincent Lloyd, associate professor of theology and religious studies at Villanova University, addresses the role of negative theology in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s thinking.

artful theology

Artful Theology