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Shannon Sigler

Worship and the Arts, with Shannon Sigler

Shannon Sigler explores the church’s engagement with culture and the integration of worship and the arts, while reflecting on the history and future of Fuller’s Brehm Center.

Mako Fujimura

Art and Faith, with Makoto Fujimura

Makoto Fujimura talks about a theology of new creation and reflects on the sanctifying, healing power that comes through the process of making.

Fuller Sermons

Creative Progress | Maria Fee

Maria Fee, director of Brehm Cascadia, speaks about the crises we encounter on the path to newness and our call to collaborative problem-solving with the Spirit.

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Social Drama: Poetics and Politics

Maria Fee, director of Brehm Cascadia, shows how the arts can inspire Christian liturgies of reconciliation—fostering people’s connections with their neighbors and with God

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Learning to Look Around: How Artists Help Us Find a Home

Shannon Sigler, executive director of Fuller’s Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts, reflects on how a sanctified vision of place helps us cultivate a sense of home even amidst the unfamiliar.

worship theology and art in a divided world

FULLER dialogues: Worship, Theology, and the Arts in a Divided World

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Leading theologians and artists explore how the arts can becomes sources of good news in our divided world.

Culture Care Makoto Fujimura

Makoto Fujimura on a Theology of Making

Vincent Lloyd

The Political Theology of Martin Luther King Jr. | Vincent Lloyd


Dr. Vincent Lloyd, associate professor of theology and religious studies at Villanova University, addresses the role of negative theology in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s thinking.

Candice Shields (lecture)

Utilizing the Scholar and Preaching Outside the Temple | Candace Shields and Eric Williams


Dr. Candace Shields, bishop and pastor at Twice Called Christian Center, discusses the divide between Black theology and the Black church.

artful theology

Artful Theology


Crate-Digging through Culture: Hip Hop and Mission in Africa | Megan Meyers


Megan Meyers, adjunct professor of global arts and world religions at Fuller Seminary, lectures on the emergence of hip hop in African youth culture and how churches employ music for witness.

Psalms Illustration-David Taylor

Psalms: A Biblical Model of Art

An Artistic Sensibility (Al Dueck)

An Artistic Sensibility

Joyce del Rosario

A Hopeful Picture


Let the Sacred Be Redefined by the People | Michelle Roberts and Demi McCoy


Michelle Voss Roberts, professor of theology at Emmanuel College, and Hip Hop artist Demi McCory explore Dalit spirituality, Hip Hop, and a gospel of liberation.

Yellow Limo (Worship and Art)

Letter From the President: Paying Attention


Wild Wild China: Contemporary Art and Neocolonialism | Joyce Lee


Joyce Lee, assistant professor of digital media at Marist College, lectures on commercial and political forces shaping contemporary art in China and implications for the Christian church.

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Forming Artists, Strengthening Churches

man playing an instrument

FULLER dialogues: Global Arts and Witness

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Scholars and guests of the School of Intercultural Studies discuss the vibrant intersections of mission, the arts, and multifaith contexts

James Krabill (curated)

Art and Mission: A Complex Story of Cultural Encounter | James Krabill


James Krabill, senior mission advocate of the Mennonite Mission Network, explores historic approaches of Western mission, indigenous faith communities, and how churches today navigate these issues.

Q & A | Jean Ngoya Kidula and Alexis Abernethy

Q & A | Jean Ngoya Kidula and Alexis Abernethy