Artists and creatives of Fuller's Brehm Center reflect on the diverse ways that the arts enliven, shape, and define their faith, their theology, and their work.

“As an artist, I believe that it’s my job to allow the arts to be prophetic, to communicate different ways that God can speak.”

– Dea Jenkins
San Gabriel Mountains, California

Living Water

Young-Ly Chandra understands her creative work as participation in God’s work of creation—an invitation into the movement of the Holy Spirit in the world.

Young-Ly Chandra is a Brehm Residency artist and facilitator.

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White Center, Washington

Conversation Spaces

Michelle Lang-Raymond shares how theater and the arts can create opportunities for us to safely yet deeply engage with today’s polarizing issues.

Michelle Lang-Raymond is a Brehm Residency artist and facilitator. She is executive managing director of Acts on Stage Theater Company.

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Normandy Park, Washington

Healing and Restoration

Rachel Morris describes how incorporating the arts in worship services and pastoral care can contribute to the church’s healing work in the lives of its members.

Rachel Morris is a Brehm Residency facilitator and is director of worship, music, and arts at John Knox Presbyterian Church.

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Highland Park, California

A Transformative Word

Jin Cho reflects on the holistic, social, and communal dimensions of preaching and the liturgy—and on what it means for the church to both shape and be shaped by the community outside its walls.

Jin Cho is a Brehm Preaching Micah Mobilizer, an Anglican priest, and a church planter.

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Pasadena, California

The Process of Making

Dea Jenkins talks about the ways the Spirit’s leading can be intertwined with the process of art-making and about art’s capacity to be both prophetic and healing.

Dea Jenkins is a Fuller alumna and an interdisciplinary artist.

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Bellingham Bay, Washington

Creative Community

John Van Deusen dwells on the significance of creating art in community and on the ways we are shaped by inviting both God and others into our creative processes.

John Van Deusen is a Brehm Residency musician.

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Fuller’s Brehm Center works to integrate worship, theology, and the arts for the renewal of church and culture. The Brehm Center is made up of four collaborative initiatives: Brehm Film, Brehm Music, Brehm Preaching, and Brehm Visual Art.