Reconciling Race


Fuller Magazine: Issue 13
Fuller Magazine: Issue 16
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Leading scholars wrestle with the complexities of race, whiteness, and the gospel.

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Andrea Smith and Oscar Garcia Johnson

Q & A on Indigenizing Salvation | Andrea Smith and Oscar García-Johnson

Oscar García-Johnson at the Missiology Lectures

Response | Oscar García-Johnson

Willie Jennings and Mark Labberton

Q & A on Can “White” People Be Saved | Willie Jennings and Mark Labberton

Mark Labberton at the Missiology Lectures

Response | Mark Labberton

Michael McBride

Michael McBride on Discipleship


Michael McBride, pastor of the Way Christian Center in Berkeley, California, reflects on faithful discipleship in the context of racialized violence, economic exploitation, and white supremacy.

public discipleship (hero)

Public Discipleship on Race, Politics, and Justice

J Kameron Carter (Curated)

Naked in the Frequency: Christianity’s Post-Racial Blues | J. Kameron Carter


J. Kameron Carter explores a new language to discuss the complexities of whiteness, theology, and post-racial politics.

story table

Story Table: Faith and Fear

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Hero Image for Neighbor

Neighbor | Various Voices


Neighbor explores loving our neighbors through the act of storytelling, pilgrimage, painful cultural histories, and more.

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Black Faith Matters | Stacey Floyd-Thomas

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Ethnicity and the Incarnation | Kevin Doi

Illustration of marching advocates by Denise Louise Klitsie for FULLER magazine

Responding Faithfully to Race and Politics

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Learning to See With Christ’s Eyes | Steve Yamaguchi

J Kameron Carter on Conversing (2)

J. Kameron Carter on Black Poetics


In this episode of “Conversing,” theologian and writer J. Kameron Carter discusses the complex interplay between racial logic and theology.

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El es mi Paz | Jennifer Guerra

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TV and Theology

BSC panel on race with Fuller faculty

FULLER dialogues: Race

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The Black Seminarians Council at Fuller presents a careful reflection on racism and injustice, biblical wisdom, and ways the church can respond faithfully to today’s social crises

Erin Dufault-Hunter at the FULLER dialogues on Race

FULLER dialogues: Erin Dufault-Hunter

Erin Dufault-Hunter discusses structural racism through the lens of Nehemiah and the need for white Christians to own a history of racial sin

T. Givens at the FULLER dialogues on Race

FULLER dialogues: Tommy Givens

Tommy Givens suggests that responding to racism begins by deepening the quality of our prayer and action by being emotionally invested in the lives of others

Ralph Watkins at the FULLER dialogues on Race

FULLER dialogues: Ralph Watkins

Ralph Watkins discusses the calling of the church to respond to injustice with prayer and action

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God Welcomes Your Deep Longing | Andre Henry