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Leading scholars wrestle with the complexities of race, whiteness, and the gospel.

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Fuller Forum Breakout Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Various scholars lead breakout sessions during the 2015 Fuller Forum.

Walter Brueggemann, Cameron Lee, Michael McBride

Walter Brueggemann on Law That Listens, Cameron Lee on the Listening Stance, & Michael McBride on Racial Justice

In their lectures delivered at the 2015 Fuller Forum, Walter Brueggemann, renowned author and Old Testament scholar, presented the law of Yahweh not as static and totalizing but as an ongoing conversation between God and God’s people; Cameron Lee, professor of marriage and family studies, explained how neighborliness has developmental roots in early family relationships, and how this has implications for the ministry and life of the church; and Michael McBride, pastor of The Way… Read more »

Michael McBride

Michael McBride on Racial Justice

Michael McBride, pastor of The Way Christian Center, talks about the role the church has to advocate for and participate in movements of racial justice, particularly by redeeming broken systems.

Walter Brueggemann

Justice, Grace, and Law in the Mission of God

The 2015 Fuller Forum explored the themes of justice, grace, and law and how each shapes our understanding of the church’s relationship with God and the church’s ministry in the world. Joined by Fuller scholars and other guests, renowned Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann, featured as the conference’s keynote speaker.

Cedric WIlliams

Cedric Williams on Meaning-Making

Cedric Williams (PhD ’19), founder and CEO of Legacy Consulting & Research Group, talks about his layered experiences of the military, ministry, and psychology, and about his current work of walking alongside others in the process of meaning-making.

Andre Henry

Andre Henry on Systemic Racism

Andre Henry (MAT ’16), writer, singer-songwriter, and activist, shares his personal journey of learning about systemic racism and explains the active and prophetic work he’s taken up against it.

Dwight Radcliff

Dwight Radcliff on Black Pain

Dwight Radcliff, assistant provost for the William E. Pannell Center for African American Church Studies, speaks about the systems of oppression and generational trauma that plague Black communities and challenges the church to own a theology that responds rightly to suffering rather than dismissing it.

Daniel Lee

Daniel Lee on Anti-Asian American Racism


Daniel D. Lee, assistant provost for the Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry, speaks about the history of racism against Asian Americans and the racism Asian American communities are currently experiencing during this ongoing pandemic.


FULLER dialogues: Black Scholars in Post-Civil Rights Institutions

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On January 22–24, 2020, the William E. Pannell Center for African American Church Studies held its annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration.

Teesha and John

Black and White

andre climbing

Making the Invisible Visible: Prophetic Drama and Social Change

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God’s Promises | Damali Najuma Smith-Pollard


Damali Najuma Smith-Pollard, senior pastor of Word of Encouragement Community Church, preaches about how God’s promises in scripture bring us comfort, preserve our lives, and lift us up.

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Liberation from the Bottom | Kenichi Yoshida


Kenichi Yoshida, pastor and associate director of academic affairs, preaches about the power of theology that comes from the margins—focusing particularly on the voices of women of color.

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Re-membering the Dis-membered

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Jamar Tisby

Jemar Tisby on Race and the American Church


Jemar Tisby, author of The Color of Compromise: The Truth About the American Church’s Complicity in Racism, discusses the history of racial inequality in the United States and in the American church.

Teesha and John

Teesha Hadra and John Hambrick on Race


Teesha Hadra and John Hambrick, coauthors of Black and White: Disrupting Racism One Friendship at a Time, discuss issues of race and the practices of empathy, humility, and leaving one’s comfort zone.

Dwight Hopkins

The Black Church and the Urban Poor in America | Dwight N. Hopkins


Dwight N. Hopkins, the Alexander Campbell Professor of Theology at the University of Chicago Divinity School, lectures on the tangible lessons from Martin Luther King Jr.

Manzanar Guard Tower

Voices on Race and Inclusion

David Bailey

David Bailey on Reconciliation


David Bailey, founder and executive director of Arrabon, shares about his work in racial reconciliation and the need for the church to repair society’s broken systems.

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FULLER dialogues: The Black Church and the Urban Poor In America

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Leading scholars wrestle with the complexities of race, theology, and the economy

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