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Joel Green

Joel B. Green on Science and Scripture

In this “Last Lecture” address to Fuller’s Science, Theology, and Religion Student Group, Joel B. Green, professor of New Testament Interpretation and associate dean for the Center for Advanced Theological Studies, speaks about reading the Bible with a scientific perspective and the formative role of scripture.

Sand by Dea Jenkins

Benediction: Reading the Gospels

Mark Labberton

Mark Labberton Reads the Christmas Story in Luke


Biblical Interpretation in the Global-Indian Context

Voices on Scripture (Rare Book Room)

Voices on Scripture

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Grassroots Exegesis: Women’s Ownership of the Scriptures in Bolivia

Reading Scripture Globally (Denise Klitsie illustration, detail)

Cultivating the Practice of Reading Scripture

Joel B. Green, provost and dean of the School of Theology, shares practices to cultivate a vigorous engagement with scripture

Keon Sang-An Illustration by Denise Klitsie (3)

The Hermeneutics of Incarnational Evangelism: Reading the Gospel with Peruvians

Illustration by Denise Klitsie Reading Scripture Globally

Hermeneutics for the African Century

Reading Scripture Globally (Denise Klitsie illustration, detail)

Reading the Bible in Northwest Tanzania in Light of Male Circumcision as an HIV Intervention

Keon Sang-An Illustration by Denise Klitsie

The Contextual Nature of Biblical Interpretation: An Ethiopian Case

Marianne Meye Thompson

Fuller, the Bible, and Women


Kingdom and Kenosis: The Mind of Christ in Paul’s Ethics


The “Mind of Christ” in the Gospels

Meditation by Bruce Herman

Have This Mind Among You

“The Unanswered Question,” by John Frame, part of a sweeping

What Are Human Beings? Perspectives from Science and Scripture

Fuller Seminary faculty member William E. Pannell smiles in a close up portrait

Expecting to Know the Mind of God through Preaching the Bible


Two Peoples Separated by a Common Revelation


Pietism: Reborn in Order to Renew