More Resources for a Deeply Formed Spiritual Life

Alexia Salvatierra

Transformative Community

Alexia Salvatierra draws from her experiences with the Base Christian Community Movement in the Philippines and El Salvador to examine five key characteristics of transformative community and how these can be applied to the church today.

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Bearing Fruit | Pamela Ebstyne King

Pamela Ebstyne King preaches about being a people who are rooted in God’s love and who live out God’s love to the world.

Julie Exline

Supernatural Attributions and Mental Health

In her lecture “Supernatural Attributions: How Do People Perceive Messages from God, the Devil, and Human Spirits?,” delivered at the 2023 Integration Symposium, Julie Exline surveys the lenses by which people understand supernatural experiences, how this affects moral beliefs and behavior, and why it matters for mental health professionals.

Jose Abraham

Response | The Gift of Supernatural Attributions

In response to Julie Exline’s lecture on “Supernatural Attributions and Mental Health,” Jose Abraham takes a missiological approach and discusses the healthy, liberating, and justice-enacting impact supernatural attributions can have in secular modern societies.

Julie Exline

Navigating Spiritual Struggles

In her lecture “Spiritual Struggle: An Overview of Key Concepts and Findings,” delivered at the 2023 Integration Symposium, Julie Exline surveys varieties of spiritual struggle through the lens of mental health, with a particular focus on the idea of anger towards God.

Julie Exline

Healing and Growth from Spiritual Struggle

In her lecture “How Can We Support Healing and Growth from Spiritual Struggle?,” delivered at the 2023 Integration Symposium, Julie Exline considers ways to support and foster growth among people who experiencing spiritual struggles.

Steve Simpson

Response | The Crisis of Losing Faith

In response to Julie Exline’s lecture on “Healing and Growth from Spiritual Struggle,” Stephen Simpson talks about the increasing number of people leaving religion and about providing therapy for Christians losing their faith.

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Engaged Spirituality | Jeong Kii Min

Jeong Kii Min preaches about a discipleship that is actively and intentionally engaged in the world, with the recognition of Jesus as priority above all.

Lynsi Snyder-Ellingson

Lynsi Snyder-Ellingson on Freedom in God

Lynsi Snyder-Ellingson talks about how God offers healing and renewal, sets us free from fear, and calls us to love.

Rob Bell

Rob Bell on Spirituality and Mystery

Rob Bell, author of Everything is Spiritual and other notable bestsellers, shares about his continuous exploration of spirituality and about embracing the ongoing journey of knowing God more deeply.

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The Risen Life | Gregory Boyle

Father Gregory Boyle, Jesuit priest and founder of Homeboy Industries, preaches about discovering the resurrection life hidden in the ordinary—and often on the margins.

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Building God in Estranged Spaces: The Practice of Sacred Spaces in Contemporary Society

Jude Tiersma Watson, associate professor of urban mission, shares her own story of migration and describes how we are formed both by place and by the journey between places.

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Talk About Deep | Eugene Lowry


Eugene Lowry, preacher and author, reflects on the deep and overwhelming wonder that we experience when we encounter God and God’s holiness.

Andrew Root

Andrew Root on Belief in a Secular Age


Andrew Root, professor and Carrie Olson Baalson Chair of Youth and Family Ministry at Luther Seminary, talks about what encountering transcendence looks like in contemporary secular contexts.

Yellow Limo (Worship and Art)

Letter From The Editor: Let the Dreamer Awake and Sing

Joel Green in his office

Joel Green on Discernment

Joel Green in his office

Joel Green on the Spiritual Practice of Reading Scripture


Joel Green, provost and dean of the School of Theology, reflects on the devotional practice of reading scripture and shares his views on academic work as formation for the whole person

Reading Scripture Globally (Denise Klitsie illustration, detail)

Cultivating the Practice of Reading Scripture

Joel B. Green, provost and dean of the School of Theology, shares practices to cultivate a vigorous engagement with scripture

Roger Feldman’s Tenacious Convergence (voices on silence cover)

Voices on Silence

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The Scandalous Grace of the Gospel | Esther Kim

Fuller Seminary's Prayer Garden

Silence, Patience, Presence