Fuller Magazine Issue Fifteen



Credits for this Issue


Lauralee Farrer, Editor in Chief
Tamara Johnston, Senior Producer
Joy Netanya Thompson, Communications Senior Editor
Becky Still, Senior Editorial Manager
Jerome Blanco, Communications Writer and Social Media Strategist
Michael Wright, Editor
Nate Harrison, Senior Photographer and Video Storyteller
Katy Cook, Lead Designer
Denise Louise Klitsie, Principal Illustrator
Aaron Dorsey, Communications Inclusion Liaison
Robert Bethke, Director of International Communications
Kathryn Sangsland, Project Manager
Randall Cole, Design and Production Consultant
Sergio Zapata, Inés Velásquez-McBryde, and Hanjun Kwon, Translation Services
Elijah Davidson, Web and Digital Media Manager
Susan Carlson Wood, Proofreader
Tony Hale, Photography Consultant


Rick Reynolds, photographed by Nate Harrison


Keon-Sang An PhD, Associate Professor of Bible and Mission
Tod Bolsinger, VP and Chief of Leadership Formation
D. Scott Cormode PhD, Hugh De Pree Professor of Leadership Development
Kurt Fredrickson PhD, Associate Dean for the DMin and Continuing Education
Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen DrTheol, Professor of Systematic Theology
Mark Labberton PhD, President
Kara E. Powell PhD, Executive Director of Fuller Youth Institute and Associate Professor of Youth and Family Ministry
Brad D. Strawn PhD, Evelyn and Frank Freed Professor of the Integration of Psychology and Theology
Marianne Meye Thompson PhD, Dean of School of Theology and George Eldon Ladd Professor of New Testament
Marcus Sun, VP of Global Recruitment, Admissions, Marketing, and Retention
Jude Tiersma Watson PhD, Associate Professor of Urban Misson
Miyoung Yoon Hammer PhD, Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy


Mark Labberton, President
Mari L. Clements
, Acting Provost
Brent Assink, Chief of Philanthropy
Tod Bolsinger
, VP and Chief of Leadership Formation
Theresa Edy-Kiene, VP, Strategic Planning and Change Management
Lauralee Farrer, Chief Storyteller and VP of Communications
Marcus Sun,
VP of Global Recruitment, Admissions, Marketing, and Retention
Bill Clark
, Senior Advisor