More Resources for a Deeply Formed Spiritual Life

Der Lor

Our Many Particularities, Our One Church

As he explores the many ways our particular stories shape our faith, Der Lor engages in the challenging yet beautiful work of multiethnic ministry.

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More Than Enough | Susan Maros

Susan Maros considers the Parable of the Talents with a fresh perspective, offering an encouraging word to us amidst a culture that constantly says we are “not enough.”

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What Will Last | Marguerite Shuster

Marguerite Shuster reflects on the topics of permanence and transience, and considers how our Christian faith can stabilize and ground us amongst the changes that life brings.

Tony Hale and Shannon Sigler

Tony Hale on Healthy Integration

Tony Hale reflects on the integration of spiritual and mental health and on the freedom found in openly owning one’s faith.

Tony Hale and Shannon Sigler

Tony Hale on Knowing Your Value

Tony Hale speaks about finding resiliency in both craft and faith by remembering who we are—and that our identities are not defined by our work.

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We Are Blessed | Mark Labberton

Mark Labberton encourages us to gather at the feet of Jesus in humility and to rest in the truth that, before we do anything, we are blessed by God.

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The Disciplines of Grace | William E. Pannell

William E. Pannell reflects on the book of Titus, discussing the relationship between the gospel and a disciplined life.

Brad Strawn

Extended Cognition: Know Yourself

In the last of seven videos on “Extended Cognition,” Brad D. Strawn says that who we are as people—our identities, backgrounds, personalities—deeply impacts the ways we minister.

Cameron Lee

The Church As Family System: Past Systems Informing New Systems

In the fifth of ten videos on “The Church as Family System,” Cameron Lee speaks about how our pasts inform how we behave in the churches and organizations we enter into.

Cameron Lee

The Church As Family System: On the Danger of Avoiding Psychological Science

In the eighth of ten videos on “The Church as Family System,” Cameron Lee cautions us against closing ourselves off to things we may not want to believe but actually help us develop in positive ways.

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Trauma-Informed Ministry: Cultural, Historical, and Gender Dynamics

In the third of six videos on “Trauma-Informed Ministry,” Cynthia Eriksson considers the dynamics of trauma in the broader narrative of a person’s social and historical context.

Pamela Ebstyne King

The Science of Thriving: Saved For Something, Not Just From Something

In the first of seven videos on “The Science of Thriving,” Pamela Ebstyne King shares how the psychological sciences help us understand our narratives and identities—and how to thrive in them.

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Living Our Identity | Mark Labberton

Mark Labberton reflects on the story of Deborah and asks whether we, like Deborah, are willing to receive and live out the identity God intends for us.

Kathy Khang

Speaking Up, with Kathy Khang

Kathy Khang reflects on Asian American experiences of silencing, on what it means to be heard and belong, and on anti-Asian racism during the pandemic.

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The Kingdom of God Is Big Enough for Both Collectivists and Individualists

Euiwan Cho, associate professor of Christian spirituality and ministry, explores the gifts and weaknesses of collectivist and individualist communities—as well as how each can learn from one another.

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Renewed Vision | Mark Labberton

Mark Labberton reflects on how God sees us and pursues us, and on the way our own vision of ourselves and of the world might be aligned with God’s.

Janette Ok

Christian Identity as Ethnic Identity, with Janette Ok

Janette Ok delves into 1 Peter, reflecting on what it teaches about the formation of Christian identity and its features of belonging, holiness, and unity.

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Introduction: In Between

Amos Yong, Dean of the Schools of Theology and Intercultural Studies, introduces this issue’s theme of being and living in between.

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A Home In Between

Vince Bantu, assistant professor of church history and Black church studies, shares his experiences of living amidst and finding home in in-between spaces of race, place, church, and the academy.

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Between Baptism and Belonging: Living with an Identity Hidden in Christ

Erin Dufault-Hunter, associate professor of Christian ethics, draws lessons from third culture kids about finding Christian belonging and resisting tribalism.

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Editor’s Note: In Between

Jerome Blanco, FULLER magazine editor in chief, introduces FULLER magazine #20, the “In Between” issue.