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Kimberly Alexander

Kimberly Alexander on Healing in the History of Christianity

In this session of the 2021 Missiology Lectures, “Healing in the History of Christianity,” Kimberly Alexander gives an overview of the theology and ministry practices associated with healing in the long history of the Christianity.

Vince Bantu

Response | Christian Healthcare in Late Antique to Medieval Periods

In response to Kimberly Alexander’s lecture on “Healing in the History of Christianity,” Vince Bantu considers global Christian approaches to healthcare, with a particular look at examples from the late antique and medieval periods.


Panel | The Impact of Medical Mission on Health

Manoj Kurian, Martha Mwendafilumba, and Michael Soderling discuss the church’s role in providing access to medical care and public health resources across the globe in this panel discussion moderated by Erik Aasland.


Panel | Healing and Mission

Opoku Onyinah, Elizabeth Salazar-Sanzana, and Sung-Deuk Oak reflect on the church’s role in health and healing from their respective perspectives and contexts in Africa, Latin America, and Asia in this panel discussion moderated by Erik Aasland.

2021 MIssiology Lectures

The Mission of Health

At Fuller’s 2021 Missiology Lectures, practitioners and scholars from around the world explore the church’s role in forming healthy individuals, families, and communities across the globe and throughout history.

Miroslav Volf

Miroslav Volf on World Faiths and Their Common Features


Mark Labberton considers the complexities that passion, power, and fear bring to interfaith conversations—and questioned how love might also play a part.

Miroslav Volf

Miroslav Volf on Globalization’s Effect on World Faiths


Miroslav Volf reflects on how world faiths—with their visions of human flourishing—meet systems of power and wealth in the midst of globalization.

Marguerite Shuster, Oscar García-Johnson, Mignon Jacobs, and Miroslav Volf

Response | Marguerite Shuster, Oscar García-Johnson, Mignon Jacobs on World Faiths


Marguerite Shuster, Oscar García-Johnson, Mignon Jacobs discussed themes of colonization, human flourishing, and the public arena as they relate to the major world faiths.

Miroslav Vold and N.T. Wright

Miroslav Volf and N. T. Wright on the Future of the Church


Miroslav Volf and N. T. Wright spoke about their faith journeys, the Christian life, the state of the church, and more in a conversation with Mark Labberton.

Miroslav Volf

World Faiths and Globalization

At Fuller’s 2014 Payton Lectures, Miroslav Volf reflected on the major world religions in the context of increasing globalization.

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The Strange New Habitat of the Global Church

Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, professor of systematic theology, surveys the new landscape in which the global church finds itself, considering shifts in church movements and traditions as well as the realities of religious pluralism and secularism.

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The Korean Church and the Body of Christ, with Sebastian C. H. Kim

Sebastian C. H. Kim, academic dean for Fuller’s Korean Center, talks about the dynamics of influence between the Korean and the American churches, as well as the transformation of the global church in an increasingly interconnected world.

Giocchino Campese

Gioacchino Campese on Catholicity


In his lecture “Catholicity: Migration, Religion, and World Christianity,” Gioacchino Campese, professor of the theology of human mobility at Pontifical Urbaniana University, considers the church’s eschatological call toward catholicity in the context of our changing and globalized world.

Cecil Robeck and Giocchino Campese

Q&A | Gioacchino Campese and Cecil M. Robeck Jr.


Gioacchino Campese and Cecil M. Robeck Jr. discuss missions, ecumenism, and world Christianity in a Q&A moderated by Alexia Salvatierra.

migration iin missological perspective

Migration in Missiological Perspective

At Fuller’s 2020 Missiology Lectures, scholars took a deep dive into Los Angeles’s unique history and culture to explore wider issues of migration, transnationalism, and interfaith engagement through a missiological perspective.

Kyong-Jin Lee on Ethics in a Globalized World

Kyong-Jin Lee on Ethics in a Globalized World

Johnny Ramírez-Johnson reflects on how the divine command to keep the Sabbath is tied to every dimension of Christian life and community.

Vincent Lloyd

The Political Theology of Martin Luther King Jr. | Vincent Lloyd


Dr. Vincent Lloyd, associate professor of theology and religious studies at Villanova University, addresses the role of negative theology in Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s thinking.

Candice Shields (lecture)

Utilizing the Scholar and Preaching Outside the Temple | Candace Shields and Eric Williams


Dr. Candace Shields, bishop and pastor at Twice Called Christian Center, discusses the divide between Black theology and the Black church.

Crate-Digging through Culture: Hip Hop and Mission in Africa | Megan Meyers


Megan Meyers, adjunct professor of global arts and world religions at Fuller Seminary, lectures on the emergence of hip hop in African youth culture and how churches employ music for witness.

An Artistic Sensibility (Al Dueck)

An Artistic Sensibility


A Song In His Heart