An Album of Worship Music from the Fuller Community

Ed Willmington and the Brehm New Music Initiative for REVERE | RESTORE

“We made sure to create this album through a specific grid. Each song draws on themes from Fuller’s Vocation and Formation curriculum and uses corporate language. The texts were focused vertically toward God, and we used a wide variety of styles and languages to represent the many communities here at Fuller. We hope that knowing these concepts will enhance your understanding as you listen.”

REVERE | RESTORE album cover+ Edwin Willmington, composer-in-residence and director of the Brehm Center’s Fred Bock Institute of Music. The REVERE | RESTORE albumcomprised of music written, performed, and produced by Fuller Seminary students and alumni under Dr. Willmington’s directionis supported by the Fred Bock Institute of Music, the Brehm New Music Initiative, and the Brehm Center for Worship, Theology, and the Arts. REVERE | RESTORE was published under Jubal House, the music publishing imprint of the Fred Bock Institute of Music. Photos by Eric Tai.

Selected tracks are below; hear more and purchase the album here.



You speak
And the whole earth trembles
Your heart beats
And our hearts crumbleSeth Little performing for the REVERE | RESTORE music project
Our end is Yours
Our breath is Yours

You move
And we bend to Your will
You draw near
And all time stands still
Our end is Yours
Our breath is Yours

You bring kingdoms to their knees
You humble the proud
And raise the weak

We revere You
Lord, we fear You
We revere You
Lord, we lay down our crowns

You weep
And the rain clouds thunder
You exhale
And the trees shudder
All life is Yours
All breath is Yours

Lord we lay down our pride
Lord we lay down our lives
Lord we lay down our rights
To the one above all

+ “This song is my way of sharing a glimpse into my Korean American heritage and culture within the church. Reverence and fear of God is a theme that my community viscerally understands and a theme that I think is necessary to all people in the knowing of God.” —Julie Tai (pictured: Seth Little). Hear more and purchase the album here.

Words and Music: Julie Tai
© 2016 Jubal House


Kyrie eleison (Kyrie eleison)
Christe eleison (Christe eleison)
Lord have mercy (Lord have mercy)
Christ have mercy (Christ have mercy)

Oh grant us forgiveness
Oh grant us peaceJulie Tai singing for the REVERE | RESTORE music project

+ “This song was written in response to the vast amount of suffering, injustice, and pain in our world that we see and that we are responsible for. In these times, the only words I can pray are, ‘Lord, have mercy. Christ, have mercy. Grant us forgiveness and peace.’ It is my intimate and fragile prayer.”—Julie Tai (pictured). Hear more and purchase the album here.

Words and Music: Julie Kang and Esther Kim
Arrangement: Edwin M. Willmington
Spoken Word: Jeanelle Austin
© 2016 Jubal House
© 2016 Jeanelle Austin


Yena Choi performing at the REVERE | RESTORE music project



+ After years of practicing the cello, Yena Choi (pictured) gave voice to communal grief and found her own voice in the process. Read more of Yena’s story here.

Piano solo: Jenny Jee-El Park
Cello solo: Yena Choi
Music: Edwin M. Willmington
© 2016 Shepherd’s Staff Worship Music





Oh how good
Oh how pleasant
Just to dwell
In unityDelonte Gholston performing at the REVERE | RESTORE music project

Just to rest
In Your presence
And to know
You’re here with me

We will sing
A song of praise
To the Holy One
The Ancient of Days

Make us one
In all of your ways
You alone
Have the power to save

Words and Music: Delonte Gholston
Arrangement: Inji Jang
© 2016 Jubal House

+ We are divided in every way imaginable, so I wrote a song about unity based on the Psalms. This is not a unity that obfuscates diversity. This is not a unity that says that we are all ‘one’ while ignoring injustice or pain. This is a unity that says to those who suffer under the weight of oppression that I am willing to stand in solidarity with you. I am willing to be your brother or sister. I am willing to see that which is of God within you and to fight for your God given dignity and honor.” —Delonte Gholston (pictured). Hear more and purchase the album here.


Musicians and Vocalists:
Yena Choi, Jarrett Davis, Mitch Ebbott, Christin Fort, Delonte Gholston, Esther Kim, Inji Jang, Seth Little, September Penn, Rosa Candida Ramirez, Analisse Reyes, Simeon Sham, Will Shine, Henry Sim, Garrett Stier, Julie Tai, Cody Weston

Executive Producers:
Simeon Sham, Julie Tai, Edwin M. Willmington

Sound Engineer:
Chris Hobson

Assistant Engineer:
Josh Lew

Simeon Sham Recording for REVERE | RESTORE

+ Pictured: Simeon Sham recording guitar for the REVERE | RESTORE album. Learn more about the recording of te album and support the people who made it here.

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