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Shannon Sigler

Worship and the Arts, with Shannon Sigler

Shannon Sigler explores the church’s engagement with culture and the integration of worship and the arts, while reflecting on the history and future of Fuller’s Brehm Center.

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In Spirit and In Truth | Alexis Abernethy

Alexis Abernethy preaches on what Jesus has to say about true worship and on our required willingness to grow through and for the Spirit’s work.

Centering: The Asian American Christian Podcast

Decolonizing Worship for Asian Americans

Asian American worship: what does it look like, where does it start, and what’s our future?

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Making Worship Just | Mark Labberton


Mark Labberton, Clifford L. Penner Presidential Chair of Fuller Seminary, explains how worship and justice go hand in hand, as worship becomes a context for reordering power.

worship theology and art in a divided world

FULLER dialogues: Worship, Theology, and the Arts in a Divided World

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Leading theologians and artists explore how the arts can becomes sources of good news in our divided world.

Weeping illustration

Composing a Lament for the Persecuted: Suffering with the Suffering Church


The Diverse Ecology of Fuller’s Chapel

Psalms Illustration-David Taylor

Psalms: A Biblical Model of Art

Much Ado About Kneeling (tile) by Denise Klitsie

Much Ado About Kneeling

Worship illustration by Denise Klitsie

Exploring the Role of Embodiment in Worship

Yellow Limo (Worship and Art)

Letter From the President: Paying Attention

Ed Willmington recording REVERE | RESTORE


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Lillian Ateh

Meet Lilian Ateh

Diane White-Clayton (headshot, color)

Culture Care and Music | Diane White-Clayton

Yena Choi in apartment

Translating Lament

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Alexis Abernethy (Fuller Voices)

Alexis Abernethy on Her Calling

Kathe Kollwitz art at the Ash Wednesday service

Voices on the Psalms

A dancer in FULLER magazine's section on Worship

Voices on Worship



Pastoral Worship Leadership

Gospel choir

Reflections on a Music Worship Leader Embodiment Project


Do Worship and the Arts Matter?