Televisionaries Podcast

To supplement their book on theology and television, Televisionaries, Kutter Callaway and Dean Batali sat down for a series of conversations related to the material in their book. Enjoy listening.

The episodes cover the following topics:

Episode 1 – Introductions: Who and why?
Episode 2 – Becoming TV LIterate: Process
Episode 3 – Becoming TV Literate: Trace
Episode 4 – Becoming TV LIterate: Practice
Episode 5 – Living on the Margins: Church and Convergence Culture
Episode 6 – Constructing a Televisual Theology: Ethics
Episode 7 – Constructing a Televisual Theology: Commercials and Commodity
Episode 8 – Constructing a Televisual Theology: Water Buffalos and Lived-Rituals
Episode 9 –  Constructing a Televisual Theology: Spirituality, Community, and Worship