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Fuller Sermons

Wonderful Words of Life | Richard Mouw

Richard Mouw speaks about the task of seminarians and scholars to grow in the kind of knowledge that is guided by and overflowing with love. He was president of Fuller Seminary from 1993–2013.

Shirley Mullen

Shirley Mullen on Christian Higher Education

Shirley Mullen, president of Houghton College, talks about the transformative power of the classroom and the profound impact Christian higher education can have in the world.


FULLER dialogues: Black Scholars in Post-Civil Rights Institutions

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On January 22–24, 2020, the William E. Pannell Center for African American Church Studies held its annual Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration.

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Learning in Times of Trouble | Lisa Lamb


Lisa Washington Lamb, visiting assistant professor of preaching, preaches about yearning for God in the midst of literal and metaphorical battles.

Manzanar Guard Tower

Voices on Race and Inclusion

artful theology

Artful Theology

Shaken to Remain (tile) art by Denise Klitsie

Shaken to Remain: Fuller Moves

FULLER voices Brad Strawn

Brad Strawn on Embodied Learning

Payton Steps history

Voices from Fuller’s Foundations

Emily (MACCS ’09) and David Romero

A Journey to Jubilee

Illustration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. by Denise Klitsie FULLER

Remembering King: Where Do We Go from Here, Chaos or Community?

Culture Care and Education Panel

Culture Care: From Creation to New Creation

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Culture Care with Mark Labberton and Mako Fujimura

A Vision To Transform the Seminary Experience

Chicago Presbyterian Church

Political Dealing: The Crisis of Evangelicalism

Mark Labberton at the Festival of Beginnings 2015

The Church in Exile

Joel Green in his office

Joel Green on His Calling

Joel Green in his office

Joel Green on Discernment

Joel Green in his office

Joel Green on the Spiritual Practice of Reading Scripture


Joel Green, provost and dean of the School of Theology, reflects on the devotional practice of reading scripture and shares his views on academic work as formation for the whole person

Albert Tate and Mark Labberton

Truth Is a Hard Study


DACA and Immigrant Youth: What Are We Called to Do?


Voices on Online Community