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David Emmanuel Goatley

Living the Gospel, with David Emmanuel Goatley

As he begins his role as Fuller’s new president, David Emmanuel Goatley shares about his own Christian formation, the apostolic mission of the church, and the task of theological education in the world today.

Stan Long

A Better Story | A Conversation with Stan Long

Stan Long reflects on the many challenges Black faculty and students faced in predominantly White institutions in the 90s and still face today, while looking hopefully forward because of the progress that has been made.

Velma Union

What God Has Written On My Heart | A Conversation with Velma Union

Velma Union describes the institutional and ecclesiastical support needed by Black church studies programs, while also emphasizing the importance of listening to God in faithful community.

Ralph Watkins

Advancing the Work | A Conversation with Ralph Watkins

Ralph Watkins shares about the lack of Black theological voices in seminary curricula, the struggle of Black scholars in the academy, and the sustaining love of the Black Church.

Dwight Radcliff

You Belong Here | A Conversation with Dwight Radcliff

Dwight Radcliff talks about the history and mission of Fuller’s Pannell Center and the part he now plays in the important work of forming Black students and Black leaders.

Dwight Radcliff and Ahren Samuels

Behind the Scenes: The First Conversation with Dwight Radcliff

In this behind the scenes interview, Dwight Radcliff shares about his own journey of theological education and his work with Fuller’s William E. Pannell Center for Black Church Studies.

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Editor’s Note: What’s Next

Jerome Blanco, FULLER magazine editor in chief, introduces FULLER magazine #21, the “What’s Next” issue.

mark labberton

President’s Note: Live Theater

Mark Labberton, Clifford L. Penner Presidential Chair, reflects on our reality as in-between people and on God’s presence and love in the in-between.

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Introduction: What’s Next

Ted Cosse, Fuller’s chief operating officer and dean of the School of Psychology & Marriage and Family Therapy, introduces this issue’s theme of what’s next for Fuller, seminary education, and the church.

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Globalization and Online Theological Education: Questions We Must Ask

David H. Scott, associate dean of the School of Mission and Theology, casts an eye on the new frontiers of online theological education in this era of globalization—examining both its risks and its gifts.

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A New Kind of Christian Leader

Marcus Sun, vice president for global recruitment, admissions, marketing, and retention, shares how Fuller trains and equips students to become trustworthy leaders no matter their vocational call.

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Navigating the Difficult Conversations

Thomas Lazo, MSMFT student, suggests the virtues of counseling provide a helpful framework for the difficult but necessary dialogues seminaries must engage in today.

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From Self-Care to Community Care: Insights from Two Decades of Co-Teaching to Inform the Future

Cynthia Eriksson, professor of psychology, and Jude Tiersma Watson, senior associate professor of urban mission, share lessons on community, collaboration, and formation, drawn from decades of co-teaching.

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El Espacio Latino/a/x en el Seminario Norteamericano: Formando desde las fronteras del ser y saber

Oscar García-Johnson, Decano académico para el Centro Latino y profesor asociado de teología y estudios latinos/as, imagina lo que se necesitaría para que los seminarios norte americanos fueran un espacio que aceptan de manera completa a las personas latinx, becas y experiencias.

Bill Pannell

Race and the Evangelical Church, with Bill Pannell

Dr. Bill Pannell reflects on the American church’s engagement with race, the future of theological education, and the transformative power of the gospel.

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A Home In Between

Vince Bantu, assistant professor of church history and Black church studies, shares his experiences of living amidst and finding home in in-between spaces of race, place, church, and the academy.

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The Latino/a/x Space in the North American Seminary: Forming In-Between

Oscar García-Johnson, academic dean for Centro Latino and associate professor of theology and Latino/a studies, imagines what it would take for the North American Seminary to be a space that wholly embraces Latinx people, scholarship, and experiences.

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Fuller in Between the Church and the Academy

Chris Blumhofer, visiting assistant professor of New Testament, reflects on how Fuller—and other seminaries—being uniquely positioned between church and academy contributes to the flourishing of the church and its people.

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Liminality as an Incubator for Growth

Jose Abraham, associate professor of Islamic Studies, considers the ways we can be formed and transformed in in-between spaces and seasons.

Willie Jennings and Mark Labberton talk about race on Conversing podcast

Rethinking the Academy, with Willie Jennings

Willie Jennings hopes for a reframed understanding of education that sheds destructive virtues of achievement and mastery for values of belonging and community.

Fuller Sermons

Wonderful Words of Life | Richard Mouw

Richard Mouw speaks about the task of seminarians and scholars to grow in the kind of knowledge that is guided by and overflowing with love. He was president of Fuller Seminary from 1993–2013.