RS Podcast 016 – The Godfather and Elf

The Christmas season means many things in popular culture – friends, food, festivities, and fun to name a few. But, the most fundamental part of Christmas, it seems, in Western society is family.

There are lots of kinds of families. Some are made up of people who all share the same DNA. Others are composed of those with nothing more in common than the relative closeness of their respective addresses.

And then there’s the Family, capitol “F,” who share a common ancestory, sure, but they also keely share a way of surviving in this Western world.

On this week’s Reel Spirituality Podcast, we consider families of all kinds be they composed of people, elves, wiseguys, or any combination of the three. James Caan makes two appearances, so maybe he’s the glue that holds our families together. Maybe not.

In any case, The Godfather and Elf are in town for the holidays, so grab a glass of eggnog, snuggle up to the fire, and consider what we might learn from families of all sorts.

We were supposed to talk about Blow Out and Rashomon on this week’s show, but exceptions were made for the holidays. That show will come later. Our apologies for the reshuffling.

Next week, we’ll be considering Christmas movies in general, debating our favorites, and asking whether there is a reason for the season and if any films have ever gotten it right.

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