Engaging “Tenacious Convergence”

“Alluding to the imposing cultural intersections and expansive thinking of Paul of Tarsus in the first century, ‘Tenacious Convergence’ is an installation that embodies several significant junctures that have had timeless impact on the spread and survival of Christianity. Martyred for his unwavering beliefs, Paul’s intellect and spiritual tenacity birthed Christian theology and converged on the ultimate symbol of reconciliation.” -Roger Feldman

As a young seminarian, it was his artistic response to a theology class that inspired Roger Feldman to leave Fuller and pursue ministry as an artist. Over 40 years later, it is an artistic response to a conference on Paul featuring N. T. Wright that brought him back. A site-specific sculpture without right angles or straight lines, Tenacious Convergence is Feldman’s way of exploring in architectural form the unstable context of the first-century church to whom Paul wrote.