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Reflections on Fruitful Practices on Christian-Muslim Relations in the Philippines

In her lecture “Reflections on Fruitful Practices on Christian-Muslim Relations in the Philippines,” delivered at the 2023 Missiology Lecture, this presenter teaches about the history of Christian-Muslim relations in the Philippines and shares lessons from her experience and work in that interfaith context.


Understanding Evangelism in Relation to People of Other Faiths

Jose Abraham, associate professor of Islamic studies, reflects on approaches of evangelism among people of other faiths during our postcolonial age.

Zayn Kassam

Zayn Kassam on Muslim Migration in the United States


In her lecture “Faith Resources: Muslim Migration to Los Angeles,” Zayn Kassam, John Knox MacLean Professor of Religious Studies at Pomona College, speaks about the positive influence of Muslim migrant communities in the US, even against the oppressive American realities of racism of Islamophobia.

Matthew Kaeminck

Response | Matthew Kaemingk on Sustainable Hospitality


In response to Zayn Kassam’s lecture “Faith Resources: Muslim Migration to Los Angeles,” Matthew Kaemingk, assistant professor of Christian ethics, considers what is required for our communities to cultivate and sustain the virtues of hospitality and neighborly love—particularly against xenophobia and white supremacy.

migration iin missological perspective

Migration in Missiological Perspective

At Fuller’s 2020 Missiology Lectures, scholars took a deep dive into Los Angeles’s unique history and culture to explore wider issues of migration, transnationalism, and interfaith engagement through a missiological perspective.

Eric Sarwar (Finding Harmony)

Finding Harmony

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Kameron Carter and Love Sechrest

A Conversation Between J. Kameron Carter and Love Sechrest


Love Sechrest and J. Kameron Carter have a conversation on race, discussing the language of possession, racial capitalism, and more.

Martin Accad (Missiology Lectures)

Challenging the Monochromatic View of Islam | Martin Accad


Martin Accad, the director of the Institute of Middle East Studies at the Arab Baptist Theological Seminary, lectures on the complex interplay among Islam, globalization, and social media.

Phillip Jenkins (Missiology Lectures)

Current Global Trends in Islam | Philip Jenkins


Philip Jenkins, Distinguished Professor of History at the Institute for Studies of Religion at Baylor University, lectures on Islam and globalization.

Evelyne Reisacher lecturing at Missiology Lectures

Unity and Diversity in Islam | Evelyne Reisacher


Evelyne A. Reisacher, associate professor of Islamic studies and intercultural relations, lectures on the the diverse and complex lives of Muslim neighbors.

Missiology Lectures Muslim Panel

FULLER dialogues: Global Islam

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International scholars reflect on Christian responses to global Islam

Martin Accad at the Missiology Lectures

FULLER dialogues: Martin Accad

Martin Accad, affiliate associate professor of Islamic Studies, lecture on the impact of generalizations about Islam on public discourse

Missiology Lectures Muslim Panel

FULLER dialogues: Muslim Panel

A Missiology Lectures panel of Muslim respondents reflect on the complexities of navigating religious identity

Hospitality Illustration by Denise Klitsie

A Moratorium on Hospitality?

Missiology Lectures Muslim Panel

FULLER dialogues: Muslims & Christians

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A conversation among Fuller faculty and students and leading Muslim scholars in Southern California

Evelyne Reisacher after Paris Attacks

Evelyne Reisacher Lectures on Christian-Muslim Relations at Urbana 2015

Dudley Woodberry (thumbnail)

The Extraordinary Life and Work of Dudley Woodberry


The Fullness of Time for Muslims: 9/11, Paris, and San Bernardino as Its Heralds


Witnessing, Learning, Cooperating: Fuller’s Commitment to Civil Dialogue


Reflections on Christian-Muslim Dialogue