RS Podcast 007 – Crash and Bicycle Thieves

In 1800, only 3% of the world’s population livedin urban areas. In 2008, for the first time in human history, half of the world’s population lived in urban areas. By 2050, that number is expected to grow to 70%.

Increasingly, humans are an urban-dwelling species, and urban living brings with it a whole host of problems not present, at least in the same intensity, as in rural areas. Crash and Bicycle Thieves are two very different films that deal with specific city problems in their own ways.

On this episode of the Reel Spirituality podcast, Reel Spirituality Co-Director Elijah Davidson and guest host Richard Goodwin consider Crash and Bicycle Thieves and what, if anything, they have to offer an increasingly urbanized world.

On the next episode of the podcast, we’ll be discussing The Passion of Joan of Arc and Space Jam. Yes. You read that correctly.

As always, we invite you to watch both films ahead of time and join with us as we consider what, if anything, these two remarkably different movies have in common and what they might offer their audiences.

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