RS Podcast 003 – Ratatouille and Poetry

“Anyone can cook,” right, but can anyone write poetry? Better yet, ought anyone to cook or compose? And for those who do, what responsibility do they have to their patrons, their friends and families, and the world?

Those are the questions under consideration on this week’s Reel Spirituality podcast as we turn up the heat on Pixar’s rat chef concoction, Ratatouille, and the South Korean tale of a gumshoe-like grandmother, Poetry.

Do these filmic flavors compliment one another? Are they each other’s rhyme? Tune in to find out.

On the next episode of the podcast, we’ll be comparing perennial romantic favorite, Sleepless In Seattle, and Paul Thomas Anderson’s somewhat surreal and shockingly sentimental, Punch-Drunk Love. We invite you to watch them ahead of time, listen in to our conversation, and leave your take on the films in the comments.

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