RS Podcast 025 – To Sleep With Anger

This week on the RS Podcast. we are joined once again by guest host Avril Speaks as we continue our exploration of the Black Independent Cinema Movement.

On our first epsiode devoted to this movement, we watched director Charles Burnett’s beautiful feature debut, Killers of Sheep. Now, we’re returning to Burnett’s vision of south central L.A. for To Sleep With Anger, a modern folk tale starring a glowering Danny Glover.

How do we negotiate and integrate the past, present, and future? They each vie for power in our lives and in the lives of our communities. This gets especially difficult when the past, present, and future are all personified as our friends and family and sitting around the same dinner table. When a community experiences as much change in a short period of time as America’s Black community has over the past half century, that negotiation gets even more difficult.

Our final installment in this series will look at Spike Lee’s School Daze. It is widely available. We enoucrage you to watch it before listening.

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