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Movies for Lent – Series Overview


Lent is a time of suspense, a time of darkness, a time to meditate on the need for resurrection in our own lives, the lives of our communities, and our world. Resurrection is coming, but it isn’t here yet…

Movies for Lent, Week 1 – Betrayal (Casablanca)


Our focus this first week of Lent is on betrayal, and betrayal is the perfect theme to begin with, because betrayal—expecting and wanting a good thing, but finding something bad instead—is at the heart of everything we will focus on throughout Lent…

057 RS Podcast The X-Cellent X-Men Movies


Why are the X-Men movies so popular? What’s behind the mystique?

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Reel Spirituality Community Top Films of the Decade

It is our contention that we see a movie best when we look not only at its aesthetic and cultural achievements, but at its spiritual or theological import as well. This is the guiding conviction of our work. We believe that one might meet God at the movies, that the… Read more »

Pacific Rim


Maybe that’s Pacific Rim. Maybe it’s just the taste of the meat. Maybe going to the movies “to be entertained” is the equivalent of enjoying a great steak for the flavor and mouth-feel alone. I think I can understand the fun in that…

Now You See Me


God help me, I like movies like Now You See Me. They are the cinematic equivalent of the crayon drawing my mom used to magnet to our refrigerator door…