116 RS Podcast 2016 Oscar Talk, Parts 1 and 2

The Oscars are upon us like a bear, and though from the outside looking in the motion picture industry’s glitziest night sometimes feels like espying a Martian landscape where “true cinephiles” are not welcome, still we keep returning year after year like immigrants who can’t make up their mind which country they’d like to call home. We may get mad about what we see as the categories are apparently maximized to reward white filmmakers, but there is also no denying that Mexican filmmakers especially have carved out hallowed room for themselves among the Academy elite. The Oscars, like the industry they celebrate, are a complicated business.

This week on the Reel Spirituality Podcast, we’re going big (but not short – this is a two-parter), on the Oscars. Co-directors Eugene Suen and Elijah Davidson make their own picks in each category, predict what they think will most likely win, and shine a spotlight on films they wish had been nominated instead. So cue up the audio, settle in, and enjoy.