077 RS Podcast We Grew Up Here

The road from concept to finished work is a long one, and many films get lost on the way. We Grew Up Here, the first feature film from Fuller student and Reel Spirituality podcast regular guest, A.C. Neel found its way from his page through various U.S. film festivals and to your VOD queue.

We Grew Up Here follows a young man as he tries to find his hometown which seems to be vanishing, literally, as his life spirals out of control following a breakup. The film is a psychological drama made all the more unnerving by being rooted in a very real-feeling world.

On this episode of the Reel Spirituality Podcast, we go deep with A.C. about the film, its production and distribution, and about the common questions about place, grief, and growing up at the film’s core. Listen to the first half of the podcast, then watch the film. You can watch it free on Vimeo now. Then listen to the SPOILER-rich second half of the podcast in which we go even deeper about the story and its themes.

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