Church Planting

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Len Tang

Church Planting as Evangelism

In his lecture “Church Planting as Evangelism,” delivered at the 2023 Missiology Lectures, Len Tang describes the particular and effective role church planting plays in the work of evangelism.

Liz Roth

Response | New Forms of Church

In response to Len Tang’s lecture on “Church Planting as Evangelism,” Liz Rios talks about how church planting helps us reimagine new and innovative ways of doing church.

Daniel Yang

Response | Lessons from the Church Growth Movement

In response to Len Tang’s lecture on “Church Planting as Evangelism,” Daniel Yang looks back at the impact of Donald McGavran and the Church Growth Movement, drawing lessons for church planting work today.

husband and wife

Faithful Curiosity

Through an innovative church model centered on Bible reading, Mike (MAT ’19) and Viola Wu (MAT ’19) pastor a welcoming community that explores the Scriptures together—no matter where anyone is in their journey of faith.

hand picking up little people illustration

Church Plants as Evangelism Laboratories

Len Tang, director of Fuller’s Church Planting Initiative, writes about the unique role church plants play in the church’s work of evangelism.

Stained Glass Cross

A Church For All

As they pastor in a diverse Hong Kong neighborhood, Ebson Simick (MDiv ’16) and Tryfina Phipon (MDiv ’16) testify to the beautiful ways God works across the many relationships we have with one another.