Frontiers in Theological Education

Frontiers in Theological Education

Reflecting on embodiment and pedagogy through various scholarly lenses—including theology, psychology, missiology, ethics, and homiletics—Fuller scholars consider the question, “What is the future of theological education in a digital age?”

“In a future that is increasingly online or digital, how do we think about embodiedness?”

W. David O. Taylor
Soong Chan Rah

Speaking the Voice of God in the World

Soong-Chan Rah talks about the role seminary education plays in creating a counternarrative to dysfunctional narratives in society—one that speaks God’s voice into the world.

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Andy Root

Time, Teaching, and Theology

Andrew Root explores historical and modern understandings of the relationship between the passing of time and embodiment, reflecting on the ways in which these views impact present-day education and congregational life.

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Janette Ok

Embodying Diversity

Janette Ok discusses how the interplay between intersectional identities and embodiment has an impact on students’ thriving and success in educational settings.

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Trey Clarke

The Preacher and Holistic Formation

Trey Clark talks about preaching as a bodily act and reflects on an embodied approach to forming preachers, which recognizes history, experience, and real world contexts.

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Robert Choa Romero

A Pedagogy of Cultural Belonging and Praxis

Robert Chao Romero explores critical tools for scholarship and pedagogy—taking Critical Race Theory as an example—that recognize the diversity and fullness of the whole body of Christ

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Cynthia Erikson and Alexia Salvatierra

A Sacred Relationality

Cynthia Eriksson and Alexia Salvatierra reflect on their relational experience of interdisciplinary team teaching and the benefits that multiple perspectives have on encouraging students’ broader understanding of calling and mission.

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Wilomer Villacort

Educational Embodiment

Wilmer G. Villacorta discusses underlying assumptions about teaching and learning, and explores how taking an embodied approach to classroom pedagogy—in person and online—can effectively meet students’ needs.

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Erin Dufaut Hunter

The Goodness of the Body

Erin Dufault-Hunter explores how the forces of capitalism and consumerism affect how we view the value and worth of our bodies, and how a theological perspective can counter their impact.

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David Taylor and Kutter Callaway

A New Way Forward

David Taylor and Kutter Callaway discuss the changes made to the Payton Lectures in light of ongoing virtual divides and disembodiment, the intention behind the series, and lessons learned for academic conferences in the future.

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Payton 2022

The 2022 Payton Lectures

In an innovative approach to Fuller’s traditional lecture series format, nine scholars engage in a series of roundtable discussions on the future of theological education in a digital era. These conversations became the basis for the presentations in this FULLER dialogues series.

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Payton 2022

The School of Mission and Theology’s 2022 Payton Lectures (and the subsequent presentations made for this video series) centered on the theme “Embodied Theological Education in a (Dis)Embodied Age” and were organized by Kutter Callaway and W. David O. Taylor.