Response | Marguerite Shuster, Oscar García-Johnson, Mignon Jacobs on World Faiths

In response to Miroslav Volf’s lecture “World Faiths and Globalization: How Does Globalization Affect Them?” Marguerite Shuster, Oscar García-Johnson, Mignon Jacobs discussed themes of colonization, human flourishing, and the public arena as they relate to the major world faiths.

At the time of recording, Marguerite Shuster was Harold John Ockenga Professor Emeritus of Preaching and Theology, Oscar García-Johnson was associate professor of theology and Latino/a studies, and Mignon Jacobs was associate professor of Old Testament.

Originally published

January 9, 2022


Marguerite Shuster

Oscar Garcia-Johnson

Oscar García-Johnson

Mignon Jacobs

Mignon Jacobs

Miroslav Volf reflects on vocation (video)

Miroslav Volf