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Hope And Mutuality In The Spirit

Wayne Park, chancellor of Fuller Texas, reflects on how Christians might lead the way in guiding corporations and industries in a redemptive stewardship of creation.

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Healing the Environment through Economics

Wayne Park, chancellor of Fuller Texas, reflects on how Christians might lead the way in guiding corporations and industries in a redemptive stewardship of creation.


Cultivating Mature Leadership for Healthy Churches, David C. Wang

David C. Wang, Cliff and Joyce Penner Chair for the Formation of Emotionally Healthy Leaders, talks about developing leaders for healthy and healing churches in a world rife with spiritual abuse and trauma.

Nikki Toyama-Szeto

Christian Social Action, with Nikki Toyama-Szeto

Nikki Toyama-Szeto shares about her work leading Christians for Social Action, the organization’s commitment to cultivating faithful engagement with issues of justice, and her experience as a Japanese American woman in leadership.

Caleb Maskell

The Legacy of the Vineyard Movement, with Caleb Maskell

Caleb Maskell discusses the beginnings of Vineyard USA, which is celebrating its 50th year, and the hopeful future ahead.

The Rhythms of Church Life, with Chris Henry

Chris Henry talks about the importance of rhythm in the church year and about leadership in a post-pandemic world.

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A Life of Ministry, with Rick Warren

Rick Warren shares about his many years of ministry—from the beginnings of Saddleback Church to his current work of participating in the Great Commission—and about what he’s learned of leadership, church, and God along the way.

Cherie Harder and Mark Labberton

Thinking Well and Leading Wisely, with Cherie Harder

Cherie Harder discusses the state of political discourse in the United States and the task of helping leaders to more effectively cultivate ideas and Christian thought amidst today’s wider conversations.

Tara Beth Leach

Women in Church Leadership, with Tara Beth Leach

Tara Beth Leach talks about her experiences as a woman in ministry and her new role as senior pastor of Good Shepherd Church in Naperville, Illinois.

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Who, Me? | Brenda Salter McNeil

Brenda Salter McNeil preaches on the book of Esther, challenging our preconceived notions of who can be a leader.


Panel | Confronting Gender and Power Asymmetries in Organizational Leadership

Alexandra Zareth Canales, Leanne Dzubinski, and Young Lee Hertig reflect on the systemic marginalization and disempowerment of women across organizations—including the church—in this panel discussion moderated by Susan Maros.


Panel | Developing Women’s Scholarship

Joyce del Rosario, Evelyn Hibbert, Shari Russell, and Abigail Kyei discuss overcoming barriers to leadership in academic settings, in this panel discussion moderated by Vince Bantu.

patrick Reyes

Feminist Ancestral Leadership and Fragile Male Egos

In his lecture “Seeking Shalom: Feminist Ancestral Leadership and What to do with Fragile Male Egos,” delivered at the 2022 Missiology Lectures, Patrick Reyes talks about the leadership of women ancestors, the violence of patriarchy, and the work of building spaces where women can thrive.

Dwight Radcliff

Response | Leadership Across Generations

In his response to Patrick Reyes’s lecture on “Feminist Ancestral Leadership and Fragile Male Egos,” Dwight Radcliff calls on both younger and elder generations to transform systems of leadership.

Justin McRoberts

Work and Rest, with Justin McRoberts

Justin McRoberts talks about his upcoming book, Sacred Strides, and the balance of work and rest in life and faith.

Scott Dudley and Mark Labberton

Baptism and the Evolving Work of the Church, with Scott Dudley

Scott Dudley shares about 139 baptisms on a recent Sunday at Bellevue Presbyterian Church, and about the church’s spiritual and social work in the city of Bellevue and abroad.

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Leadership That Transforms | Vicente Fox

Vicente Fox speaks about the sociopolitical changes in Latin America in the 20th century and how leadership focused on transformation and thriving can positively impact those living in the region.

Mark Labberton

President’s Note: Living Christian Identity

Mark Labberton, Clifford L. Penner Presidential Chair, reflects on listening to God in a season of renewal for the church.

Seth Little

Creativity in Crisis

Amidst a trying season for All Angels’ Episcopal Church, Seth Little demonstrates how the creative arts can be a source of beauty and sustenance through disruption.

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What to Do When We Don’t Know Where We Are Going

Tod Bolsinger, associate professor of leadership formation, considers what faithful leadership looks like when the future is uncertain.

Mark Labberton

Benediction: Lord, Save My Life

Leading Fuller is an immersion experience in God’s grace amidst continuous change, vivid diversity, problem solving, deep scholarship, loving community, complex realities, and faithful hope. But then, aren’t these key ingredients for most Christian leadership? That is why Fuller exists.