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Spiritual Practices for Everyday Life

Fuller faculty reflect on how spiritual practices such as prayer, scripture reading, and attentiveness enrich and enliven their faith.

“The gospel is freedom, and for me that’s what being more intentional in my contemplative practices is – I experience a sense of the joy of who Christ is in a way that gives me a freedom I have never known before.”

Oscar Garcia-Johnson

Oscar García-Johnson on How Spiritual Practices Enliven One’s Faith

Oscar García-Johnson, associate dean for Centro Latino and associate professor of theology and Latino/a studies, reflects on the ways in which spiritual practices enliven faith

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Pam King

Pamela Ebsytne King on Ignatian Spirituality, Silence, and Reflection

Pamela Ebstyne King, Peter L. Benson Associate Professor of Applied Developmental Science, reflects on a variety of practices that help her spiritual life

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Alexis Abernethy (Fuller Voices)

Alexis Abernethy on a Psychologically Healthy Approach to Spiritual Practices

Alexis Abernethy, professor of psychology, suggests a psychologically healthy approach to spiritual practices

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Joel Green in his office

Joel Green on the Spiritual Practice of Reading Scripture

Joel Green, provost and dean of the School of Theology, reflects on the devotional practice of reading scripture and shares his views on academic work as formation for the whole person

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Jude Tiersma Watson (headshot)

Jude Tiersma Watson on the Spiritual Practice of Attentiveness

Jude Tiersma Watson, associate professor of urban mission, hows how we can cultivate the spiritual practice of attentiveness, especially in urban contexts

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FULLER voices Trey Clark

Trey Clark on Blending Ancient Western and African American Spiritual Practices

Trey Clark, Pastor at South Bay Church of God and Fuller Alumnus, recounts his blending of ancient Western and African American spiritual practices

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FULLER voices Brad Strawn

Brad Strawn on Embodying Spiritual Practices in Community

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Fuller Voices Cynthia Eriksson

Cynthia Eriksson on the Spiritual Practice of Morning Prayer Walks

Cynthia Eriksson, associate professor of psychology, reflects on praying during her morning walks and the experience of God’s loving gaze.

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Ted Cosse

Ted Cosse on Therapy as a Spiritual Practice

Ted Cosse, executive director of Fuller Psychological and Family Services and assistant professor of clinical psychology, reflects on creating space for people to become fully human

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Fuller Voices Steve Argue

Steve Argue on Spiritual Practices that Support Young People

Steven Argue, assistant professor of youth, family, and culture, reflects on the “iterative changing motion” of spiritual practice and the importance of moment and embodiment in our spiritual lives

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