Erin Dufault-Hunter

Fuller Seminary faculty member Erin Dufault-Hunter

Theology Author

Erin Dufault-Hunter teaches Christian Ethics at Fuller Theological Seminary. Since 2015, she also teaches as part of our new core curriculum, one of several faculty offering the class on the Practices of Christian Community. She is the author of The Transformative Power of Faith: A Narrative Theory of Conversion (Lexington, 2012) as well as various articles and book chapters, and recently edited a book on healthcare missions with Bryant Myers and Isaac Voss entitled Health, Healing, and Shalom: Frontiers and Challenges for Christian Healthcare Missions (William Carey Library, 2015). Dufault-Hunter regularly speaks and writes on various aspects of our moral life, including sexuality, bioethics, and diversity. She is working on a book for Baker Academic entitled Sex and Salvation: How the Erotic Matters for Our Life with God.

Articles by Erin Dufault-Hunter