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Fuller Sermons

Everywhere to Everywhere | Sam George

Sam George reframes the traditional paradigm of “here to there” missions and maps out a polycentric and multidirectional missiology that recognizes everywhere is a mission field.

Jose Abraham

Response | The Gift of Supernatural Attributions

In response to Julie Exline’s lecture on “Supernatural Attributions and Mental Health,” Jose Abraham takes a missiological approach and discusses the healthy, liberating, and justice-enacting impact supernatural attributions can have in secular modern societies.

Cynthia Erikson and Alexia Salvatierra

A Sacred Relationality

Cynthia Eriksson and Alexia Salvatierra reflect on their relational experience of interdisciplinary team teaching and the benefits that multiple perspectives have on encouraging students’ broader understanding of calling and mission.

Emmanuel Anim

Women and the Mission of God

Opening the 2022 Missiology Lectures, Emmanuel Anim preaches a sermon on the parable of the persistent widow and reflects on the reality that God uses both women and men to advance his kingdom and cause.

Wilmer Villacort

Response | Partners in the Mission of God

In response to Gina Zurlo’s lecture on “Women in World Christianity,” Wilmer Villacorta talks about the need for repentance and reeducation of male theologians and ministry leaders—against misogyny and sexism—in order to become allies and “coconspirators” in kingdom work.

Grace Ji-Sun Kim

A Theology of Women in God’s Mission

In her lecture “A Theology of Women in God’s Mission,” delivered at the 2022 Missiology Lectures, Grace Ji-Sun Kim unpacks the challenges women face around the world and speaks about empowering women of faith in ministry and mission—particularly highlighting the importance of a “theology of visibility.”

janette Ok

Response | Embracing the Gifts of Women

In response to Musa Dube’s lecture on “Mission, Power, and African Women Theologians,” Janette Ok talks about liberation from colonialism and the resurrection life.

Missiology 2022 Hero

Panel | Women and the Mission of God

Guest lecturers and Fuller faculty discuss key takeaways from the 2022 Missiology Lectures on “Power, Agency, and Women in the Mission of God,” in this concluding panel discussion.

Nam Soon Song

Cooking Bahb and Christian Education

Nam Soon Song uses the images of bread and rice to show how diverse approaches to mission and Christian education can be gifts of grace to different people groups.


Response | Diversity and Christian Mission

In response to Nam Soon Song’s lecture on “Cooking Bahb and Christian Education in the Korean North American Churches,” Brian Byung Joo Kim reflects on navigating and celebrating diversity in Christian mission.

Enoch Wan

Diaspora Missiology and Korean Immigrant Churches

In his lecture “The Mission of Korean Immigrant Churches in the USA,” Enoch Wan explores four types of diaspora mission, paying particular attention to the ministry and practice of Korean immigrant churches.

Fuller Sermons

Who is My Neighbor? | Jose Abraham

Jose Abraham preaches on the Parable of the Good Samaritan and shares a missiological perspective on what it looks like to love the religious other.

Fuller Sermons Bill Pannell

Hope from Ashes | William E. Pannell

William E. Pannell examines how our modern cultural context influences how we interpret and respond to Christ’s trial and crucifixion.

Fuller Sermons Bill Pannell

Embracing the Cross | William E. Pannell

William E. Pannell reflects on the counter-cultural nature of Christ’s ministry and its implications for our lives today.

Mark Noll

The Bible and American History, with Mark Noll

Mark Noll discusses his newest book, which explores the reciprocal relationship between notable historical events in the United States and the interpretation of scripture during the 19th and 20th centuries.

Fuller Sermons Bill Pannell

A Grace-Filled Heart | William E. Pannell

William E. Pannell reflects on the ways in which we can embody grace in our ministry and lives.

Gary Haugen

A Just God, with Gary Haugen

Gary Haugen discusses the origins and organizational focus of International Justice Mission and reflects on the intersection between Christian faith and global justice. 

Hunter Farrell

The Meaning of Mission, with Hunter Farrell

Hunter Farrell examines the impact of capitalism and colonization on congregational mission efforts and invites us to practice radical mutuality as we redefine the meaning of mission.


Panel | Healing and Mission

Opoku Onyinah, Elizabeth Salazar-Sanzana, and Sung-Deuk Oak reflect on the church’s role in health and healing from their respective perspectives and contexts in Africa, Latin America, and Asia in this panel discussion moderated by Erik Aasland.

2021 MIssiology Lectures

The Mission of Health

At Fuller’s 2021 Missiology Lectures, practitioners and scholars from around the world explore the church’s role in forming healthy individuals, families, and communities across the globe and throughout history.

a woman's hand

Saying Yes

Following God’s call to serve in global missions, Jinho Lee learns what it means to walk day by day in faithful obedience.