More Resources for a Deeply Formed Spiritual Life

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A Different Vision | Cynthia Eriksson

Cynthia Eriksson preaches on living into the coming new creation and God’s loving and joyful presence, while encouraging us to listen for God’s truth amidst the lies of the present.

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We Wait and Watch with Joy | Cameron Lee

Cameron Lee preaches about the uncertainty of the future and about our role of anticipating Jesus’ return with joy, obedience, and faithfulness.

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Mormon Dialogue | Richard Mouw

Richard Mouw preaches on how a Mormon understanding of the New Jerusalem following Christ’s return can help Christians better conceive of the heavenly kingdom to come.

Fuller Sermons Bill Pannell

God’s People in Today’s World | William E. Pannell

William E. Pannell discusses what it means to live for the glory of God as a community of modern-day believers by drawing on Paul’s writing in 1 Corinthians 10.

Miroslav Volf

Miroslav Volf on The World as God’s Home

Miroslav Volf reflects on God’s mission to make God’s home in the world and among the wholeness of creation and all its creatures.

2021 MIssiology Lectures

The Mission of Health

At Fuller’s 2021 Missiology Lectures, practitioners and scholars from around the world explore the church’s role in forming healthy individuals, families, and communities across the globe and throughout history.

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President’s Note: Just to Be Clear

Mark Labberton, Clifford L. Penner Presidential Chair, reflects on our reality as in-between people and on God’s presence and love in the in-between.

Willie Jennings

Doctrines of Creation

Willie Jennings, alongside other voices, calls for a doctrine of creation shaped by a shared, Christ-centered vision of dwelling and belonging for all.

Willie Jennings, Sebastian Kim, Mark Lau Branson

Q&A | Willie Jennings, Sebastian Kim, and Mark Lau Branson

Willie Jennings, Sebastian Kim, and Mark Lau Branson discuss public theology, trust in community, and new creation in a Q&A moderated by Scott Cormode.

N.T. Wright

Q&A | N. T. Wright

At the 2014 Fuller Forum, N. T. Wright discussed eschatology—the resurrection and the new heavens and earth—in this Q&A moderated by Mark Labberton.

N.T. Wright

N. T. Wright on Discipleship and the Future of the Church

In the concluding dialogue of the 2014 Fuller Forum, N. T. Wright spoke with Mark Labberton about discipleship and the future of the church.

Slatoff City (Denise Klitsie) faith and work

Walking the Line

Joel Green in his office

Joel Green on Hospitality