Embodied Theology

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walking path alongside a stream

Benediction: The Way is Made by Walking

Brad Strawn, chief of spiritual formation and integration, and Amy Drennan, executive director of vocation formation, share lessons on embodied formation as they reflect on a Fuller group’s pilgrimage along Spain’s Camino de Santiago.

David Taylor and Kutter Callaway

A New Way Forward

David Taylor and Kutter Callaway discuss the changes made to the Payton Lectures in light of ongoing virtual divides and disembodiment, the intention behind the series, and lessons learned for academic conferences in the future.

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Living Rooted | Tina Armstrong

Tina Armstrong shares about living an embodied faith and working to create a more just and equitable world.

Alexis Abernethy

The Worshiping Body: Uniting the Spiritual and the Physical

In the first of six videos on “The Worshiping Body,” Alexis Abernethy shares about how she was led to specialize in the areas of health and spirituality.

Alexis Abernethy

The Worshiping Body: Measuring Spirituality and Health Outcomes

In the second of six videos on “The Worshiping Body,” Alexis Abernethy talks about the relationship between religious coping and positive health outcomes.

Alexis Abernethy

The Worshiping Body: The Psychophysiology of Worship

In the third of six videos on “The Worshiping Body,” Alexis Abernethy talks about the transformative impact corporate worship has on individuals and communities.

Alexis Abernethy

The Worshiping Body: Worship Leading As Mirroring

In the fifth of six videos on “The Worshiping Body,” Alexis Abernethy considers how mirroring is at play in the context of worship and worship leading.

Brad Strawn

Extended Cognition: Extended Cognition and Christian Community

In the second of seven videos on “Extended Cognition,” Brad Strawn says we cannot be spiritually robust without our connection with other bodies.

Brad Strawn

Extended Cognition: Jesus Touching and Healing Through the Body

In the third of seven videos on “Extended Cognition,” Brad Strawn considers the embodied and tangible nature of Jesus’ work and what it means for the ministry of Jesus’ disciples.

Fuller Sermons Bill Pannell

The Doing of Theology | William E. Pannell

In a baccalaureate message, William E. Pannell reflects on the doing of theology as a risky and incarnational enterprise tied always to the work and life of the church.

lacey nurse banner

Deep Sorrow, Deep Joy

A holistic theology of mission shapes Lacey Lanier’s approach to nursing, as she tends to sick and suffering children in the NICU.

Kat Armas

Abuelita Faith, with Kat Armas

Kat Armas speaks about the profound wisdom and lived theologies of the women who have come before us—in our families, in history, and in the Bible.

Willie Jennings

Doctrines of Creation

Willie Jennings, alongside other voices, calls for a doctrine of creation shaped by a shared, Christ-centered vision of dwelling and belonging for all.

Willie Jennings

Willie Jennings on Shared Perceiving

In his lecture “The Path of Shared Perceiving,” Willie Jennings speaks of how a Christian doctrine of creation requires a shared work, between Jewish and Gentile believers, of perceiving a world of belonging and interconnectedness with all creatures.

Willie Jennings

Willie Jennings on Building Home

In his lecture “Perceiving, Dwelling, and Creating Communion,” Willie Jennings warns against commodification and objectification, and looks to how we might move toward a life of communion and reciprocity.

Erin Dufaut-Hunter

Response | Erin Dufault-Hunter on The Work of Dwelling Together

In her response to Willie Jennings’s lecture “Perceiving, Dwelling, and Creating Communion,” Erin Dufault-Hunter reflects on the work it takes to be transformed to neighborliness—while naming the beauty and grace that comes with it.

Alexia Salvatierra

Alexia Salvatierra on Integral Mission

Alexia Salvatierra, assistant professor of integral mission and global transformation, shares about her personal journey of faith, the centrality of justice to the gospel, and the importance of holistic mission to contemporary theological education.

David banner

The Possibilities of Place

David Leong, associate professor of missiology at Seattle Pacific University and Seminary, writes about the reconciling ministry of committing to a place and investing in its community.

Eric Jacobson banner

Reclaiming Place in a Disengaged World: An Interview with Eric O. Jacobsen

Eric O. Jacobsen, pastor and author, converses with Jude Tiersma Watson, associate professor of urban mission, about the significance of rootedness and the impact of built environments on communities.

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Open the Door | Jaclyn Williams and Cate McCrory


Jaclyn Williams and Cate McCrory, former chapel interns, preach an Eastertide sermon about how God’s embodied peace and love meets us in the midst of fear and doubt.

Response | Daniel D. Lee on Christian Identity and Decolonization

Daniel D. Lee, assistant provost for the Center for Asian American Theology and Ministry, responds to Thema Bryant-Davis’s lecture “Wisdom from Womanist Psychology.”