More Resources for a Deeply Formed Spiritual Life

Fuller Sermons Bill Pannell

Alienation and Invitation | William E. Pannell

William E. Pannell discusses the topic of alienation, reflecting on 2 Corinthians 5 and the church’s role in openly welcoming those who have experienced exclusion.

Cameron Lee

The Church as Family System: Getting Unstuck

In the first of ten videos on “The Church as Family System,” Cameron Lee introduces the idea that understanding family systems helps us engage with problematic patterns that emerge in our churches.

Cameron Lee

The Church As Family System: Emotionally Healthy Church

In the sixth of ten videos on “The Church as Family System,” Cameron Lee speaks on the strength of the church’s witness when we are able to better navigate our differences.

Caleb Maskell

Listening to the Spirit, with Caleb Maskell

Caleb Maskell shares about his personal faith journey and traces the history of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements in the 20th century.

Fuller Sermons Bill Pannell

The Doing of Theology | William E. Pannell

In a baccalaureate message, William E. Pannell reflects on the doing of theology as a risky and incarnational enterprise tied always to the work and life of the church.

Bethany Fox

Disability and the Church, with Bethany McKinney Fox

Bethany McKinney Fox talks about how our understanding of disability shapes our understanding of healing, of community, and of how we do church.


The Bird’s Eye View: The People Have Spoken, But Are We Listening?

Shep Crawford, founder and pastor of The Experience Christian Ministries, urges pastors to listen deeply and intentionally as they strive to minister in a changing world.

six feet illustration

Pastoring Through the Pandemic, with Alumni Pastors

With both grief and hope, four Fuller alumni share about their experiences of pastoring churches through the harsh years of the pandemic.

Miroslav Vold and N.T. Wright

Miroslav Volf and N. T. Wright on the Future of the Church


Miroslav Volf and N. T. Wright spoke about their faith journeys, the Christian life, the state of the church, and more in a conversation with Mark Labberton.

Miroslav Volf

World Faiths and Globalization

At Fuller’s 2014 Payton Lectures, Miroslav Volf reflected on the major world religions in the context of increasing globalization.

jin Cho

A Transformative Word

Jin Cho reflects on the holistic, social, and communal dimensions of preaching and the liturgy—and on what it means for the church to both shape and be shaped by the community outside its walls.

digging illustration banner

The Strange New Habitat of the Global Church

Veli-Matti Kärkkäinen, professor of systematic theology, surveys the new landscape in which the global church finds itself, considering shifts in church movements and traditions as well as the realities of religious pluralism and secularism.

tree illustration banner

Rethinking Church in the 21st Century

Ted Cosse, Fuller’s chief operating officer, interviews four leading voices about the state of the church today—the areas in which it falls short, the challenges it currently faces, and the stories of hope it offers.

bethany Mckinney fox banner

Leading with Friendship

In pastoring Beloved Everybody, a church for people with and without disabilities, Bethany McKinney Fox finds value in starting from a place of mutual learning and friendship

illustration of a man sitting

Introduction: In Between

Amos Yong, Dean of the Schools of Theology and Intercultural Studies, introduces this issue’s theme of being and living in between.

illustrition of people by a wall

A Home In Between

Vince Bantu, assistant professor of church history and Black church studies, shares his experiences of living amidst and finding home in in-between spaces of race, place, church, and the academy.

abstact illustraion

Fuller in Between the Church and the Academy

Chris Blumhofer, visiting assistant professor of New Testament, reflects on how Fuller—and other seminaries—being uniquely positioned between church and academy contributes to the flourishing of the church and its people.

Soong-Chan Rah

Reimagining the Church, with Soong-Chan Rah

Soong-Chan Rah reflects on the warped theologies that have shaped the American church throughout history and hopes for a new, anointed Christian imagination in the 21st century.

Soong-Chan Rah

Soong-Chan Rah on Suffering and Celebration

In his lecture “Suffering and Celebration,” delivered at the 2012 Missiology Lectures, Soong-Chan Rah spoke on the multicultural church’s need for intersecting theologies of both suffering and celebration.

Ryan Bolger and Juan Martinez

Response | Ryan Bolger and Juan Martínez on American Christian Narratives

In response to Soong-Chan Rah’s lecture “Suffering and Celebration,” delivered at the 2012 Missiology Lectures, Ryan K. Bolger and Juan Martínez discussed the problems of American church growth and the varying Christian narratives told in churches.

Soong-Chan Rah

Theologies of the Multicultural Church

At the 2012 Missiology Lectures, Soong-Chan Rah spoke about our need to develop cultural competency to address the changes in ethnoracial diversity in the world and in the church.