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Revolutionary Faith | Mark Labberton

Mark Labberton examines the countercultural nature of the early church and invites us to consider its implications in our modern contexts, allowing ourselves to become made alive and anew.

Nikole Lim

Hope on the Other Side, with Nikole Lim

Nikole Lim, founder of Freely in Hope, shares stories of healing and redemption she has witnessed through her work with survivors of sexual violence.

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The Redeemer of Broken Stories | Andrea Cammarota

Andrea Cammarota reflects on the story of Bathsheba and on the reality of sexual violence in the church, while reflecting also on God who holds the tension of deep pain and redemptive healing.

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Those Who Shape the Narrative | Mark Labberton

Meditating on the women in 2 Samuel 17, Mark Labberton speaks about the often unseen and under-appreciated “minor characters” who speak the truths which shape and direct our lives.

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Women at the Center | Kevin Doi

Kevin Doi reflects on the story of Esther and what it teaches of defying patriarchy, reclaiming agency, and the witness of women in the story of redemption.

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Living Our Identity | Mark Labberton

Mark Labberton reflects on the story of Deborah and asks whether we, like Deborah, are willing to receive and live out the identity God intends for us.

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A Story of Lovingkindness | Kirsteen Kim

Kirsteen Kim preaches about covenant love that is on the side of the marginalized in the face of oppressive systems, as seen in the story of Ruth.

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The God Who Sees | Christin Fort

Christin Fort preaches about Hagar and what her narrative teaches about the power of articulating pain and the God who acts for those who suffer.

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Shared Vulnerability | Mark Labberton

Mark Labberton, with Fuller student Livia Muhimbise, reflects on the story of Naomi—what it teaches of vulnerability and of the God who is for the vulnerable.

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Speaking Out | Brad D. Strawn

Brad D. Strawn preaches on the story of the daughters of Zelophehad, a story of bold women speaking against injustice and inequity and of a God who enables and empowers.

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Abuelita Theology, with Kat Armas

Kat Armas, author and podcaster, shares about the oft-overlooked theologies birthed by the lived experiences of the women who have come before us.

Kat Armas

Abuelita Faith, with Kat Armas

Kat Armas speaks about the profound wisdom and lived theologies of the women who have come before us—in our families, in history, and in the Bible.

rachel held evans

FULLER archives: Rachel Held Evans on Biblical Womanhood

On her 2012 visit to Fuller, Rachel Held Evans, author, speaker, and blogger, spoke about liberation, the biblical womanhood movement, and the year she spent taking a literal approach to biblical instructions for women.

Response | Seanita Scott on the Black Superwoman and Self-Definition

Seanita Scott, PhD student, responds to Thema Bryant-Davis’s lecture “Wisdom from Womanist Psychology: Integrating Art, Spirit, Activism, and Community.”

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Saying Yes to God | Laura Harbert


Laura Harbert, former dean of chapel and spiritual formation, considers Mary and how she exemplifies what it looks like to courageously join in God’s mysterious and radical work of redemption.

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God’s Promises | Damali Najuma Smith-Pollard


Damali Najuma Smith-Pollard, senior pastor of Word of Encouragement Community Church, preaches about how God’s promises in scripture bring us comfort, preserve our lives, and lift us up.

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Liberation from the Bottom | Kenichi Yoshida


Kenichi Yoshida, pastor and associate director of academic affairs, preaches about the power of theology that comes from the margins—focusing particularly on the voices of women of color.

Audrey Conversing

Audrey Denney on Politics


Audrey Denney, a 2018 congressional candidate in California, reflects on the impact of women activists, encountering defeat, and grappling with the Paradise, CA fires.

Mitali Conversing Headshot

Mitali Perkins on Justice and Literature


Mitali Perkins, celebrated children’s author, reflects on India, politics, and writing stories about characters who navigating cultural difference.

Beth Moore (headshot)

Beth Moore on Women in Leadership and Misogyny

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Beth Moore reflects on how she developed an authentic style of teaching that ministers to thousands of women, and her battle against misogyny in the church.

Christena Cleveland

The Practice of Singleness | Christena Cleveland


Christena Cleveland reflects on the freedom of singleness, kinship, and the unique gifts single people can give to the church and society.