More Resources for a Deeply Formed Spiritual Life

Beth Moore

Finding Hope after Abuse, with Beth Moore

Beth Moore shares her story of childhood abuse and about finding refuge in the Scriptures, the church, and the love of Jesus.

Emmanuel Anim

Women and the Mission of God

Opening the 2022 Missiology Lectures, Emmanuel Anim preaches a sermon on the parable of the persistent widow and reflects on the reality that God uses both women and men to advance his kingdom and cause.

Gina Zurlo

Women in World Christianity

In her lecture “Women in World Christianity: Social Norms and Power Imbalances,” delivered at the 2022 Missiology Lectures, Gina Zurlo considers the ways women drive religious life around the world despite the active barriers working against them.

Wilmer Villacort

Response | Partners in the Mission of God

In response to Gina Zurlo’s lecture on “Women in World Christianity,” Wilmer Villacorta talks about the need for repentance and reeducation of male theologians and ministry leaders—against misogyny and sexism—in order to become allies and “coconspirators” in kingdom work.


Panel | Confronting Gender and Power Asymmetries in Organizational Leadership

Alexandra Zareth Canales, Leanne Dzubinski, and Young Lee Hertig reflect on the systemic marginalization and disempowerment of women across organizations—including the church—in this panel discussion moderated by Susan Maros.

Grace Ji-Sun Kim

A Theology of Women in God’s Mission

In her lecture “A Theology of Women in God’s Mission,” delivered at the 2022 Missiology Lectures, Grace Ji-Sun Kim unpacks the challenges women face around the world and speaks about empowering women of faith in ministry and mission—particularly highlighting the importance of a “theology of visibility.”

Alexia Salvatierra

Response | On the Way to Inclusion

In response to Grace Ji-Sun Kim’s lecture on “A Theology of Women in God’s Mission,” Alexia Salvatierra talks about social change and the liberating and transforming power of the word of God.

Musa Dube

Mission, Power, and African Women Theologians

In her lecture “Post-Colonial Women’s Scholarship: Mission, Power, and the Circle of Concerned African Women Theologians,” delivered at the 2022 Missiology Lectures, Musa Dube reflects on the mission of God through the lens of “homecoming” and the work of African women theologians.

janette Ok

Response | Embracing the Gifts of Women

In response to Musa Dube’s lecture on “Mission, Power, and African Women Theologians,” Janette Ok talks about liberation from colonialism and the resurrection life.


Panel | Developing Women’s Scholarship

Joyce del Rosario, Evelyn Hibbert, Shari Russell, and Abigail Kyei discuss overcoming barriers to leadership in academic settings, in this panel discussion moderated by Vince Bantu.

M. Elizabeth Liz Lewis Hall

Challenging Sexism for God’s Sake

In her lecture “Challenging Sexism for God’s Sake: A Psychological Perspective,” delivered at the 2022 Missiology Lectures, Elizabeth Lewis Hall examines structural gender-based inequality and what we can learn from psychology to combat sexism.

Jenny Pak

Response | Empowerment in the Face of Gender-Based Oppression

In response to Elizabeth Lewis Hall’s lecture “Challenging Sexism for God’s Sake,” Jenny Pak speaks about the need for intervention at all levels—individual and systemic—to take on the complex system of gender-based oppression.


Panel | Women’s Power and Agency in Biblical Narratives

Jacqueline Grey, Nijay Gupta, and Quonekuia A. Day discuss the transformed and transformative voices of women in the biblical narrative, in this panel discussion moderated by Vince Bantu.

patrick Reyes

Feminist Ancestral Leadership and Fragile Male Egos

In his lecture “Seeking Shalom: Feminist Ancestral Leadership and What to do with Fragile Male Egos,” delivered at the 2022 Missiology Lectures, Patrick Reyes talks about the leadership of women ancestors, the violence of patriarchy, and the work of building spaces where women can thrive.


Panel | Reimagining Missional Engagement after #MeToo and #ChurchToo

Dara Delgado, Cathay Hine, Dajkumar Boaz Johnson, and Christian Tsekpoe reflect on the #MeToo and #ChurchToo movements, on overcoming suffering and violence in the church, and on a gospel that resists evil and injustice, in this panel discussion moderated by Kirsteen Kim.


Panel | Women and Men in Ministry Partnership

Rob Dixon, Mimi Haddad, and Joanna Kretzer Chun reflect on the shared work and partnership of women and men in ministry and mission, in this panel discussion moderated by Kirsteen Kim.

Missiology 2022 Hero

Panel | Women and the Mission of God

Guest lecturers and Fuller faculty discuss key takeaways from the 2022 Missiology Lectures on “Power, Agency, and Women in the Mission of God,” in this concluding panel discussion.

Fuller Sermons Bill Pannell

Surprised at Samaria | William E. Pannell

William E. Pannell explores the narrative of the Samaritan woman in John 4, encouraging us to grow in our awareness of how God is present in our lives and the world around us.

Fuller Sermons

Revolutionary Faith | Mark Labberton

Mark Labberton examines the countercultural nature of the early church and invites us to consider its implications in our modern contexts, allowing ourselves to become made alive and anew.

Nikole Lim

Hope on the Other Side, with Nikole Lim

Nikole Lim, founder of Freely in Hope, shares stories of healing and redemption she has witnessed through her work with survivors of sexual violence.

Fuller Sermons

The Redeemer of Broken Stories | Andrea Cammarota

Andrea Cammarota reflects on the story of Bathsheba and on the reality of sexual violence in the church, while reflecting also on God who holds the tension of deep pain and redemptive healing.