More Resources for a Deeply Formed Spiritual Life

Christin Fort

Response | Patriarchy and Reaction Formation

In response to Jessica Wai-Fong Wong’s lecture on “Dangerous Women and the Promise of Purity,” Christin Fort shares about the pervasive and insidious nature of patriarchy and explores patriarchy from a psychological perspective.

Pam King

On Thriving, with Pamela Ebstyne King

Pamela Ebstyne King discusses her research and work on the topic of thriving, as well as her new podcast, With & For

Luann Pannell

Formation and Resiliency in Law Enforcement, with Luann Pannell

Luann Pannell discusses mental health and training in law enforcement and shares about her two decades of work with the Los Angeles Police Department.

David Wang

Catalytic Ministry, Part Two

David Wang shares findings from his empirical longitudinal research on spiritual formation to highlight three observable indicators of spiritual maturity in adults—differentiation of self, intercultural competence, and religious quest.

Daniel Whitehead

Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Church, with Daniel Whitehead

Daniel Whitehead describes the work of integrating mental health services into the community offerings of the church, sharing particularly about the efforts of Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries.

Julie Exline

Supernatural Attributions and Mental Health

In her lecture “Supernatural Attributions: How Do People Perceive Messages from God, the Devil, and Human Spirits?,” delivered at the 2023 Integration Symposium, Julie Exline surveys the lenses by which people understand supernatural experiences, how this affects moral beliefs and behavior, and why it matters for mental health professionals.

Jose Abraham

Response | The Gift of Supernatural Attributions

In response to Julie Exline’s lecture on “Supernatural Attributions and Mental Health,” Jose Abraham takes a missiological approach and discusses the healthy, liberating, and justice-enacting impact supernatural attributions can have in secular modern societies.

Clara Bertan

Response | Therapy and Supernatural Beliefs

In response to Julie Exline’s lecture on “Supernatural Attributions and Mental Health,” Clara Bertan asks what it looks like to intentionally create a safe and inviting space for clients to explore their beliefs in the supernatural.

Julie Exline

Navigating Spiritual Struggles

In her lecture “Spiritual Struggle: An Overview of Key Concepts and Findings,” delivered at the 2023 Integration Symposium, Julie Exline surveys varieties of spiritual struggle through the lens of mental health, with a particular focus on the idea of anger towards God.

Jaclyn Williams

Response | Chaplaincy and Spiritual Struggle

In response to Julie Exline’s lecture on “Navigating Spiritual Struggles,” Jaclyn Williams draws from her experience as a chaplain and discusses pastoral and spiritual care for those encountering spiritual struggles.

Grace Chan

Response | Spirituality in Context

In response to Julie Exline’s lecture on “Navigating Spiritual Struggles,” Grace Chan reflects on how our contexts—environment, family, society—form our ideas of spirituality and on why it matters to recognize this in the therapy room.

Julie Exline

Healing and Growth from Spiritual Struggle

In her lecture “How Can We Support Healing and Growth from Spiritual Struggle?,” delivered at the 2023 Integration Symposium, Julie Exline considers ways to support and foster growth among people who experiencing spiritual struggles.

Steve Simpson

Response | The Crisis of Losing Faith

In response to Julie Exline’s lecture on “Healing and Growth from Spiritual Struggle,” Stephen Simpson talks about the increasing number of people leaving religion and about providing therapy for Christians losing their faith.

Eltice Lin

Response | Discerning the Spirit Across Contexts

In response to Julie Exline’s lecture on “Healing and Growth from Spiritual Struggle,” Eltice Lin talks about navigating supernatural experience amidst different cultural and religious contexts.

Cynthia Erikson and Alexia Salvatierra

A Sacred Relationality

Cynthia Eriksson and Alexia Salvatierra reflect on their relational experience of interdisciplinary team teaching and the benefits that multiple perspectives have on encouraging students’ broader understanding of calling and mission.

M. Elizabeth Liz Lewis Hall

Challenging Sexism for God’s Sake

In her lecture “Challenging Sexism for God’s Sake: A Psychological Perspective,” delivered at the 2022 Missiology Lectures, Elizabeth Lewis Hall examines structural gender-based inequality and what we can learn from psychology to combat sexism.

Jenny Pak

Response | Empowerment in the Face of Gender-Based Oppression

In response to Elizabeth Lewis Hall’s lecture “Challenging Sexism for God’s Sake,” Jenny Pak speaks about the need for intervention at all levels—individual and systemic—to take on the complex system of gender-based oppression.

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Lighting a Spark | Peter L. Benson

Peter L. Benson shares about his work on how to support children and families in healthy, positive growth and development.

Tsega Worku

A Safe Place

As he directs the counseling center of Pasadena’s Lake Avenue Church, Tsega Worku strives to create a space of healing and restoration for the hurting.

Thema Bryant

Learning to Thrive, with Thema Bryant

Thema Bryant discusses her journey of becoming a psychologist and reflects on topics of trauma, thriving, mental health, and race, particularly in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kutter Callaway

Psychological Sciences for Ministry: From Surviving to Thriving

Kutter Callaway introduces this FULLER dialogues series on the psychological sciences, meant to equip ministry leaders to better understand themselves and to better walk alongside others.