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Reel Spirituality Podcast

On the 59th episode of the Reel Spirituality Podcast, the group discusses Terrence Malick’s two early films, Badlands and Days of Heaven.

Reel Spirituality

Elijah Davidson and Michael Wright discuss Terrence Malick’s enigmatic Knight of Cups, considering especially its synchronistic aspects.

Reel Spirituality

Joel Mayward reviews Terrence Malick’s latest film, A Hidden Life, from the Cannes Film Festival where it premiered.

Reel Spirituality

Dr. Robert K. Johnston explores the theological aspects of Terrence Malick’s masterpiece, The Tree of Life.

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Hidden Life poster

A Hidden Life

Will the darkness of evil be overcome? Will the spirit of the Antichrist—a term mentioned multiple times by different characters—reign in this world? Is God the author of suffering? Or is there salvation in Christ and the possibility of eternal life and light? Can faithfulness to God make a difference in this world?

Thy Kingdom Come

The clerical collar carries with it significant weight. Its presence instantly changes the timbre of a conversation, even if that conversation is with an Oscar-winning actor.

Song to Song

In Song to Song, Malick turns to Proverbs and follows a few characters as they search for wisdom itself and avoid and fall into various traps along the way.

Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience

Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience’s aim is to instill in young viewers an understanding of the universe based on community.

Knight of Cups (image)

Searching for Meaning in Knight of Cups: A Conversation with Michael Wright


A new Terrence Malick film is an event, though one that invited conversation rather than critique.

Days of HEaven

059 RS Podcast Malick’s Myths

What might Malick’s early films, the films that made him a legend, have to tell us about myth-making?

Tree of life Poster

Tree of Life – From Genesis to Revelation

Malick juxtaposes the way of grace and the way of nature. He references the Apostle Paul’s meditation of love. Grace doesn’t try to please itself; it accepts insults and injuries. What is our calling? To be true to God, whatever comes our way…

To the Wonder

Very rarely do our lives look like the lives of Indiana Jones or Bruce Wayne, but we struggle to love and stay true every day. How we fare in this struggle defines our lives, so, if you go along with it, To the Wonder feels more vital than other films…

Tree of life Poster

The Tree of Life: The Gift of Life

When bad things happen to good people, we all know that there are no words capable of answering our grief. Or if there are words, they are most often primal questions and childlike observations. So it is for Jack…

Tree of life Poster

The Tree of Life: Eternity Set in the Human Heart

The Tree of Life is about everything in light of one thing. The story revolves around the memories of a Dallas architect (Sean Penn) reminiscing about his boyhood in Waco, Texas, and the death of his younger brother. His personal history is couched within the history of all of Time…