RS Podcast 008 – Space Jam and The Passion of Joan of Arc

When we began this podcast, we considered calling it the “Double Take Double Feature” Podcast, becuase of the surprising pairings we come up with to discuss. Never has that formerly considered title proved more applicable than today.

This week, we’re considering both Carl Dreyer’s 1928 silent masterpiece The Passion of Joan of Arc and Michael Jordan’s 1996 apolgetic live action/animation mash-up Space Jam.

What, if anything, could these two extremely different movies have in common? How might each inform the other and their audiences as we think more deeply about them? Are there any remnants of the 15th century in the Looney Tunes? “Tune” in and find out.

Next week’s episode will be a little different, as we feature a talk given by Reel Spirituality Co-Director Rob Johnston in which he asks the question, “Is Reel Spirituality A Real Spirituality?”

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