RS Podcast 011 – A Man For All Seasons and Footloose

All across the country, ballots are being punched, speeches are being stumped, polls are being galloped, and Christians are as engaged politically as any other segment of the population.

This week on the Reel Spirituality podcast, we admire revolutionary men and women and the political battles they wage against the supposedly corrupt systems of their times. Sir Thomas More and Ren McCormack are separated by centuries, and their responses to the laws and lawmakers in authority over them represent oppostie ends of the spectrum. Is one right and the other wrong, or is there a “time for everything?”

We consider the examples of these two very different men and compare it to the example of Christ as we question how Christians ought to engage with politics. Watch the movies. Listen to the podcast. Join the conversation by letting us know what you take away from A Man For All Seasons and Footloose and what you might add.

Next week on the podcast, we’ll be watching Braveheart and The Iron Giant and comparing the Christiological references contained therein. As always, we invite you to watch ahead and let us know your thoughts in whatever way you think best (though we appreciate comments, of course).

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