Ian Cron and the Enneagram

Ian Cron and Guests

Ian Cron interviews participants from the audience to discuss the various personality types in a group setting


“Each of these types has a very different pattern or way of seeing the world—thinking, feeling, or acting—that arises from a very powerful unconscious motivation.”


Ian Cron leading an Enneagram Discussion

Volunteers of different Enneagram types open up about their personal stories and childhood wounds

+ Ian Cron, speaker and coauthor of The Road Back To You, talks about the Enneagram, the unconscious motivations that influence us from childhood, and the nine different types and what makes each distinct. Ian Cron was a guest speaker at Fuller’s 2019 Culture Care Week. These videos were filmed at the Brehm|Fujimura Studio at Fuller Seminary. The art in the background is Sea Beyond by Makoto Fujimura, courtesy of Waterfall Mansion Gallery in New York City.