Faith and Work

“The connection of faith and work continues to be an evolving opportunity for people who say Christ is their Lord and Savior.” —Mary Vermeer Andringa

+ What opportunities emerge when faith and work intersect? How does vulnerability change the way we understand the workplace? Industry leaders, CEOs, and trustees from the Fuller community reflect on evolving opportunities at the intersection of faith and the workplace. Watch highlights from their conversations below, and click through to see more. You can learn more about faith and work at the Max De Pree Center for Leadership.

+ Terry Looper, CEO and founder of Texon, reflects on workplace practices that help him life out his faith—including a test based on the fruits of the spirit. He is interviewed by Mark Roberts, executive director for the Max DePree Center for Leadership. Watch more of his conversation here.

+ Mary Vermeer Andringa reflects on team dynamics and how a workplace accident led to unexpected community. She is interviewed by Scott Cormode, Hugh De Pree Professor of Leadership Development. Watch more of her conversation here.

+ Jody Vanderwell reflects on money, her family’s history of living out faith in the workplace and why transparency is a virtue. She is interviewed by Fuller Seminary’s president Mark Labberton. Watch more of her conversation here.

+ Celebrated author and Herman Miller CEO Max De Pree draws on decades of experience to reflect on the nature of organized life, the value of intention, and grounded leadership in a chaotic time. Watch his extended conversation on leadership, faith, and Fuller.